Guía de Isora mayor deplores hoaxers spreading fake news of death of woman stabbed in Alcalá yesterday

Updated 26 November: Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento has found itself obliged to issue a statement about the attack of a local woman in Alcalá yesterday because of a whatsapp hoax going around saying she has died (why do people do this?!). She has not died, and Guía de Isora mayor Josefa Mesa says:

Following yesterday’s news a document is doing the rounds that looks like it comes from the Ayuntamiento de Guía de isora confirming that the woman attacked in Alcalá yesterday has died. We deplore this and feel obliged to clarify the situation, and repeat that we are still awaiting developments in the victim’s condition after being transferred to the Hospital Universitario de Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, where she remains in a stable condition. We stress that the council deplores all forms of violence and want to convey our support to the victim’s family and neighbours. We call, again, for everyone’s cooperation and ask people not to spread unverified information nor hoaxes about this incident.”

Original post 25 November: An attack that is being treated as a possible domestic violence incident took place in Alcalá this afternoon. The victim was a 67-year-old woman who is said to be very seriously injured was stabbed, with a man thought not to be her partner but a family member like a nephew now under arrest after calling onlookers to view the woman as she lay on the ground in Calle La Cumbrita, just off the main road opposite the turning for the local health centre. Police say that they were called out shortly before 3pm and that the woman has been transferred to Candelaria Hospital where she remains in serious condition, but alive

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