Tropcial Storm Ophelia due to become hurricane as it heads northeast – and remains no threat to Canaries

Graphic: Vicente Pérez Luis via Actualidad Policial Tenerife Sur.

Updated 11 October: Tropical Storm Ophelia could convert into a hurricane today or tomorrow and is currently travelling northeast on a course between the Azores and Madeira where it could turn west to head across the Atlantic or fizzle out into blustery conditions for the mainland. Ophelia already has an “eye”, and its maximum sustained winds are almost 110km/h with gusts far higher, and a minimum central pressure estimated at 992mb. I pass this on from meteorologists so that people have accurate information, and be reassured that they insist there is absolutely no threat to the Canaries, nor any cause for concern in these islands, where they say the most we can expect as a result of the system’s passing is some cloud and possibly breezy conditions.

Original post 9 October: We might see a calima over the next few days but the big weather news is tropical storm Ophelia which is currently strengthening to the west of the Canaries. One reason it’s big news for us here in these islands is that it is expected to become a hurricane towards the end of the week, but the real big news is that the only actual blowing involved is the out of context sensationalist reporting because Ophelia is already considerably west of these islands and after moving northeast, is heading, as such systems nearly always do, westwards across the Atlantic to become the tenth hurricane of the season approaching the Americas. As such, apart from a bit of unsettled weather and a fair bit of cloud, it is not expected to have any effect on the Canaries at all. Both meteorological and political authorities have warned the public that they should not believe what they call hoax news and scaremongering. The graphic shows the system and its current location.


  1. Ireland is going to be hit hard, Hurricane class 3 now, in weekend it will be loose strenht because cold water, this is a still strange complex….

  2. now heading for portugal on sunday and weekend 21 october from ireland to denmark…. can change in time….. Canary islands not affected

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