Authorities advise public to take safety seriously as Aemet forecasts high winds and especially costeros from tomorrow afternoon

The Met Office, Aemet, has issued a yellow alert for high winds throughout Tenerife and especially costeros around the south, east and west from tomorrow afternoon. Wind is expected to reach moderate gale force 7, and so seas are likely to be wild during the alert which is currently in place for conditions to continue on Saturday, and as usual this could be extended.

There is advice HERE on staying safe in high winds and bad weather generally, but the seas can be particularly perilous here if bathers are not informed about how to stay safe, so please also see HERE for official advice, in English, on enjoying the water without danger. During alerts for costeros, indeed, the public is always advised not to go in the water at all and, in fact, to avoid coastal areas where there could be a risk to public safety.

These official advice statements reflect some appalling statistics. According to the Real Federación Española de Salvamento y Socorrismo, the Canaries registered one drowning at a beach every six days in 2015, the second highest rate in any Spanish area, and one of the main causes of death in otherwise healthy people. That year, 62 people drowned at Canarian beaches, 19 of them in Tenerife, and at some points of 2016 the figures were doubling that rate though in the end, 2016’s tally was 71 fatalities, with 22 of the deaths in Tenerife’s waters alone. In 2017, the figures were even worse, shooting up to 93 fatalities, 23 of which were in Tenerife, though last year there was a merciful drop with 55 deaths in Canarian waters, 18 of which were in Tenerife. Still too many. Please be careful.

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