Authorities call for public to take care of animals during hot weather as dog dies after being shut in hot car in La Laguna

The authorities are calling for care and attention to be paid to animals in vehicles over the course of the summer after a dog died on Sunday as a result of being shut in a hot car left in full sun in the Punta del Hidalgo area of La Laguna. The dog was spotted by police who broke a window to try to release him but sadly the animal was already moribund and died shortly afterwards while a local vet was trying to assist. The owner, who claimed he had only left the dog for a few minutes, has been imputed for aggravated animal mistreatment, and is being processed by the La Laguna Courts, but there are calls for penalties to be increased for behaviour increasingly seen here as cruel and irresponsible, and at last, it’s beginning to be seen as unacceptable.

The Guardia Civil’s Seprona Unit, responsible for environmental and animal welfare (including pets), has reminded the public to avoid taking animals in cars at all if possible, and certainly never to leave them unattended inside unless the vehicle is in shade, with ventilation, and with water provided for the animal. Seprona also reminds the public that dogs especially can burn their footpads on baking hot pavements, so walking should always take place in the morning or after dusk.

And finally, police call on owners not to abandon their pets during the two summer months coming up, when people head to the beaches, or to summer apartments or go off in their camper vans, and find their animals just too problematic to take along. Unbelievable as it seems, this is when most animals in Spain are abandoned, and we have the campaign here in the summer just as Christmas sees the annual “a pet is for life not just for Christmas” attempt at furthering responsible ownership.

Bottom line, as always, for pets is treat them well, make sure they’re not in difficulties, and never abandon them. As the Guardia Civil says, “they would never abandon you”.



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  1. No excuse….the maximum penalty should be imposed.

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