Authorities call for sensible behaviour as three canoeists who risked their own lives are rescued at great risk also to emergency services

Emergency services and local authorities have called on canoeists to take care after three were rescued off the coast of Los Gigantes yesterday. Local lifeguards carried out the rescue in what is being called an heroic action after the canoeists were apparently caught by surprise at the bad state of the sea with its strong waves and current which were crashing them against the cliffs.

The rescue was difficult, say Emergency Services, and required air and lifeboat resources as well as the local lifeguards. In the end, the three canoeists were rescued conscious and unharmed, but they had run a terrible risk for themselves and those who were called on to rescue them.

When there are alerts or even just forecasts for rough seas, or when your eyes alone can see that it’s rough, avoid the water. That is the simple message from all authorities, with a reminder that those who are cavallier with their own and rescue services’ lives by going out in dangerous conditions, or without adequate equipment or clothing, can expect to pay a rather heavy price for their rescue … a price that is not as heavy as it could be, of course.

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