Borrasca Clement has a sting in its tail after leaving the first snows of winter on Teide

Photo: Peter Meyers.

Updated 3 December: Well it had a sting in the tail, did our Clement … heavy rain again today, especially in the Metropolitan area (Santa Cruz and La Laguna). Here’s the situation in one area of Santa Cruz mid-afternoon today!

Updated 2 December: Well the second borrasca ended up being called Clement, strong enough to warrant a name of its own, and bringing really heavy rain to very many parts of Tenerife yesterday. It’s brought a chill to the air as well, and there’s a reason for that … the first real snows of any description are now on Teide, as captured by Peter Meyers above. Whatever tourists may or may not do, or be able to do, the winter season has arrived without them. And it’s beautiful.

Updated 5pm, 26/11: That forecast of a second borrasca this weekend is looking a little more secure today. Aemet has issued an information note advising of an adverse situation starting on Sunday with a front bringing us rain and lasting until at least Tuesday 1 December. Like the current one, it will bring high winds but also a significant drop in temperatures … winter is coming, it seems, but of course the forecast can still firm up or change considerably between now and the weekend.

Updated 26 November: Well the wind arrived! It’s still howling, indeed, but we’ve had no rain in the western medianías while other areas, especially in the north and particularly the metropolitan area, have had real downpours. On the west coast, however, there has been moisture in the air alright, and a beautiful beautiful rainbow to show for it. Oddly, my husband this morning was talking about the rainbow he saw around 7am – he had to tell me because it’s not my usual time to be awake … – and how it was a real 180º rainbow, absolutely beautiful, he said. And then, this afternoon, from Peter Meyers, comes this photo of the same thing. Thanks, Peter!

Original post 25 November: All meteorologists are saying that this year has been wonderfully odd, not least in the sense that it’s like summers used to be before they seemed to switch to general summer cloudiness with weekly calimas of blistering heat and unbreathable air. This year, we’ve had the old summer back and it’s been blissful. Even last month we had a bit of a late summer heatwave which wasn’t unbearable … but this month it’s been rather odd to see calima and heat so late in the year.

It’s about to change though, with autumn arriving with great fanfare from later today. From the latest analysis, it appears that we are to expect the alisios returning with some force from the north, rough seas, rain (at least in the north), and Aemet has raised yellow alerts for weather conditions that could see very gusty conditions in the medianías. And, as always when the alisios return, the coasts become perilous with rough seas and big waves. These conditions are set to continue over the next few days but there’s already advance notice of  a second borrasca that could affect us over the weekend, but that forecast is still firming up.

Be careful out there, especially on or near the coast, but won’t it be lovely to see autumn at last!


  1. Mary – I’ve done just what again? Incidentally could you please use the correct spelling of my name?

    I have not disclosed any personal information about my friends and a property problem just put you right on your incorrect assumption that everyone, other than you, must be tourists. There’s a whole lot of us foreigners who live here and have done so for many years!

    No more bickering please.

  2. Oh Teresa, you have done it again.
    As this a “written” site, I can ONLY go off the “written” word, not being (or even wanting to be) privy to the gentleman’s personal and private business.
    What I wrote, was relevant to his original post in which he took umbrage at what he perceived (wrongly in my opinion) to be anti tourist views. In his “written” post, the gentleman made no mention of any of the rather personal information that you have chosen to share with us. I would assume if he had wanted us to know all that, he would have included it.

  3. Thank you Theresa Nolan. We are in exactly the same position. There have been some very snide remarks on here about visitors to the Island. . We certainly don’t want to contaminate anybody. We are sorry we are missing that beautiful view of Teide but God willing we will see it again once all this is over, or maybe sooner…..

    1. Author

      I would prefer to call the comments negative rather than snide. I am delighted to know you do not want to contaminate anybody, but the problem is of course that you might do so unintentionally, and tourists to the island will continue to bring covid with them regardless of the measures in place to minimise the risk. Anyway, this post is about the weather.

  4. MARY don’t assume because someone says he’s arriving next week (Mick Moore) and will be spending money here that he’s a tourist – he’s actually an owner here (I look after their property) and there’s a problem with said property which I’ve been unable to sort out myself, therefore, they HAVE to visit, EVEN DURING THE PANDEMIC. THEY ARE NOT BEING SELFISH, even I will hardly see them, despite living in the same building. JUST LOOK BEYOND THE WRITTEN WORDS SOMETIMES. Not everything is quite as simple as it might seem!

  5. Mencey. Your last comment has possibly answered a question for me. I live Granadilla area and we love exploring the whole area around here. we often wonder what was grown on the terraces that are now gone to dust, as it were. PS. Can’t resist a thank you for your comment re the man trying to justify travelling in a pandemic by saying he is “helping” the local economy. No sir, you are just being selfish and irresponsible. Plus Janet’s grammatical analysis was both spot on and hilarious.

    1. Author

      It would certainly explain the gofio history here if wheat was as widespread as that, and that would indeed suggest much wetter times … and snow … 😀

      Thanks Mary 😉

  6. Some beautiful photos Janet, thanks for sharing them.
    On a clear day I can see the peak of Teide from my kitchen window, in Fuerteventura! And GC slightly to the south of it. It always fills me with awe and makes me wonder what the original inhabitants of the islands thought about it.
    We flew to Madeira from GC in February and seeing Teide from the air was amazing.
    We were due in Adeje in July 20, meeting up with my son & family from the UK, but that all went by the bye. I just love flying in to TFN and seeing all the green – perhaps in 2021. The last time we visited we stayed in La Oratava for a couple of nights before going on to El Heirro and La Gomera. I find it incredible how different all the islands are, and the differences within each island!
    And I have to agree with Ray and draw the line at snow – my garden would not be very happy! We did have a huge hail storm last year and it all looked very beautiful for about 10 minutes!

  7. Personally I draw the line at snow Janet …. no thank you. But I know exactly what you mean. How about a white Christmas across the entire island? Now that would be spectacular (wonder what the record snowfall was here in the distant past).

    As for rain. Expect to see more in coming days.

    1. Author

      I’ve wondered about this (record snowfall) but can’t find any information. High up in the hills (1000-1300m) there are quite a few threshing circles where now there is nothing but dry dusty soil. My neighbour tells me that 50 years ago there was almost nothing but wheat growing on the huge number of terraces up to that height. This would only have been possible if the climate was much wetter 50 years ago, and this suggests that at that time there was much more snow than there is today.

  8. Lots of rain here on GC too! No snow, but we’re all playing “Dodge The Rock” now in our little valley!
    Beautiful sight BTW. Well done Peter.

  9. 👍 But did not want, or intend, to hijack this topic for covid talk. Not the place.

    1. Author

      we could indeed do with a bit more rain, Ray! I suspect this isn’t the last this year, I hope not anyway! And I still hope to get up Teide for a few photos of the snow! I still after all these years hope for the day it’ll get down to 1000m in the west as it did once in Granadilla in the east! We had white stuff once but my husband said it was sleet or hail … sadly, I susect he was right but I still tell everyone we’ve had snow outside the kitchen door. Once … 😀

  10. So ‘responsible’ persons travel during a global pandemic? New one on me.

    Good to see the snow arrive though Janet. Makes for a truly beautiful vista and that rain was badly needed. Truth is we could do with a bit more.

    1. Author

      Yes, well said. This is exactly what the problem is. Somebody is pompous enough to consider that he is “behaving in a responsible manner” when flying about during a pandemic. And people wonder why the virus is not being contained, and why tourists are not necessarily welcomed with open arms by all.

  11. Rather surprised at your comment re snow on Teide and the winter season arriving without tourists and its beautiful!!
    I dont think the many owners of bars restaurants and shops would agree with you. I intend to support them by having a pcr certificate and arrive next week to help out the local economy by spending my euros at the same time enjoying the climate and behaving in a responsible manner.

    1. Author

      Rather surprised at your assumption re beautiful without tourists. It is a matter of simple fact that we have very few if any tourists at present, and it is a matter of personal opinion that a snow-covered Teide is beautiful.

      The grammatically correct interpretation, for your information, is that when I say “the winter season has arrived without them. And it’s beautiful”, the subject of the “it’s” is the “winter season” which has arrived, and is beautiful because of the snow on Teide. The “whatever tourists may or may not do” is a relative clause having nothing to do directly or grammatically with the snow or Teide. But if you want to see me as anti-tourist, on you go. You are mistaken, but that rarely stops anyone.

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