Autumnal Tenerife – November is chestnut month with fairs in honour of San Andrés

Just as it’s conker time in the UK, November in Tenerife is a cosy and autumnal month with chestnuts roasting over many a live coal in braziers in the streets. The reason is a series of fairs in honour of San Andrés, the saint whose namesake St Andrew’s feast day in Scotland is on 30 November. Here in Tenerife, it’s celebrated on the 29th, though the fairs can take place several days either side of this.

These autumn fiestas and fairs are all different, and often involve an imaginative range of ways of making as much noise with metal objects as possible, or even racing downhill on anything from homemade go-karts to kitchen trays, but however they’re celebrated, they all involve wine and, particularly, chestnuts. Most of Tenerife’s chestnuts come from the Acentejo region of the north (see HERE), and the area always has a series of events throughout November to mark the period.

One of the biggest of these events in south Tenerife is always in Valle San Lorenzo. This year, the Tarde de Castañas, Dulces y Vino is on Friday 29 November between 5 and 10pm. There’s even a free bus for those coming in from outside the town.

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