Autumnal Tenerife – November’s chestnut fairs 2015

Autumnal Tenerife – November’s chestnut fairs 2015

Update 27 November: And Adeje too this weekend, with a San Andrés “chestnuts and wine” show-cooking at Adeje Farmers Market this Sunday from 11am. Entry is of course free and the cooking will be supervised by Luis Cordobéz Herrera, top cake maker and culinary professor at the Adeje Centre for Tourism Development.  The team will be using chestnuts in many of the dishes such as mousse and salad and will also be preparing salted fish.

Update 26 November: Three more chestnut fairs in the offing. Icod de los Vinos is tomorrow, 27 November, and Granadilla’s is on Saturday, 28th. The third is a major one, in Puerto de la Cruz, comprising the chestnut fairs of Puerto de la Cruz, La Orotava and Los Realejos municipalities. The posters are below for whichever you fancy!




Update 20 November: This weekend will see what’s being called the most important chestnut fair in the Canaries. It will take place in La Matanza de Acentejo, in the agricultural market tomorrow and Sunday. Here’s a video of what to expect:

Update 12 November: Valle San Lorenzo’s Chestnuts, Sweets and Wine night in honour of San Andrés will be on 27 november between 5 and 10pm.

vsl san andres (530 x 746)

Original post 9 November: Just as in the UK it’s conker time, November in Tenerife is a cosy and autumnal month with chestnuts roasting over many a live coal in braziers in the streets. The reason is a series of fairs in honour of San Andrés, who is, of course, the saint whose feast day in Scotland is on 30 November. Here in Tenerife, though, it’s celebrated on the 29th, though the fairs can take place several days either side of this.

All these autumn fiestas and fairs are all different, and often involve different ways of making as much noise with metal objects as possible, or even racing downhill on kitchen trays, but however they’re celebrated, they all involve wine and, particularly, chestnuts. Most of Tenerife’s chestnuts come from the Acentejo region of the north (see HERE), and the area always has a series of events to mark the period, one of the first this year being in La Victoria, where there’s a whole month dedicated to chestnuts – the full programme is HERE.

There are always many in south Tenerife too, and I’ll update this post with other San Andrés events as I come across them.

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