Autumnal Tenerife – November’s chestnut fairs 2014

Autumnal Tenerife – November’s chestnut fairs 2014

Update 28 November: It’s really unfortunate, but many ayuntamientos have now cancelled or postponed all outdoor activities because of this weekend’s weather alerts. Many if not all of these San Andrés events will not take place as advertised, and anyone planning to go is best advised to check locally as to whether the event is rescheduled, or even cancelled.

Update 26 November: Puerto de la Cruz’ San Andrés celebration will be from 7pm this Friday, 28 November, in front of the customs house in the fishing harbour.

pdate 18 November: Arona’s San Andrés celebrations will be part of the municipality’s Walk for Life programme (website HERE), and will be held in Valle San Lorenzo on 28 November between 5 and 10pm. Tapas will also be available, and there are more details HERE about the establishments taking part.

Update 17 November: San Miguel has announced its San Andrés event, 29 November from 7pm in Calle Constitución opposite the school.

Update 11 November: Adeje has announced its own San Andrés event, with “Castañas, Vino ..y por supuesto buen folclore” in the rear plaza of the town’s cultural centre on Thursday 27 November, at 7pm. 

Original post 5 November: Just as in the UK it’s conker time, November in Tenerife is a cosy and wintry month with chestnuts roasting over live coals in the streets in a series of autumnal fairs in honour of San Andrés. HERE is a link to last year’s post about them to give an idea of how we get a wonderful taste of autumn in the island of perpetual spring! San Andrés is, of course, the saint whose feast day, in Scotland, is on 30 November! Here in Tenerife, however, it’s celebrated on the 29th, though the fairs can start on the 27th, or spill over into the 30th.

All these autumn fiestas and fairs are all different, and often involve different ways of making as much noise with metal objects as possible, or even racing downhill on kitchen trays, but however they’re celebrated, they all involve wine and, particularly, chestnuts. Most of Tenerife’s chestnuts come from the Acentejo region of the north, and the area always has a series of events to mark the period. This year’s full programme from the north-east Tenerife chestnut association – involving the ayuntamientos of Santa Úrsula, La Victoria, La Matanza and Tacoronte – is HERE .

As last year’s post will show, however, there are many events in south Tenerife too, and the first to announce this year is Arafo, whose Ruta de los Castañeros will start at 8.15pm with the bodega degustación trip detailed on the poster above. I’ll update this post with other San Andrés events as I become aware of them.


  1. Hello Janet ..I am in Los Christianos for 10 weeks & would like to visit any forthcoming Christmas fairs or fiestas as above.. I do not have a car & love going places on the bus could you please tell me what bus I would need to get to see the Christmas Market in Torres on 29th, 30th November .. Also the Chestnut fair which i believe is on the same weekend .. Are there any fairs or fiestas due to happen around Playa del las Americas of Los Christianos thank you for any info .. Julie

  2. Author

    Hi Julie, I don’t know the buses very well, I’m afraid, but I do know that you’d need to catch one in the main bus terminal in the centre of Los Cristianos. As to any fairs forthcoming, just have a look at the What’s On Diary HERE, which contains all events that I know about.

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