Avenida Adeje 300 – Playa Paraiso to get major facelift in 2013

Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, concejal de Obras Gonzalo Delgado, and concejal de Playa Paraíso Amada Trujillo, have held a meeting in the Hotel Roca Nivaria to inform residents of Playa Paraíso of the start of renovation works to Avenida Adeje 300. This is the main road that snakes through the town, from just after the barranco, down past the towers and the Roca Nivaria, around by the lido and the commercial centre, and up past the Adeje Paradise complex. Sr Fraga explained that the project is a large one, with a significant investment, particularly given the current economic situation, but that the Ayuntamiento wanted to prioritise Playa Paraíso because it needed special attention.

The mayor stressed that he wanted the entire coastline within Adeje’s municipal boundaries to have a unified aesthetic, and that the works without doubt would improve the quality of life for both residents and tourists. The project has a budget of €670,000 funded entirely by Adeje through a Government credit scheme for the renovation of older tourist destinations, The works, said Sr Fraga, would take four months and be Adeje’s biggest project in 2013, proof of its significance being the fifteen large businesses which have already submitted tenders for the contract.

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