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Update 15 May: I was given a tour of Accion del sol by Marion on Thursday, and I must say it’s an awe-inspiring place … full of hope despite the mammoth task facing them.

It seems the problem has suddenly become even more acute lately with many more dogs being found abandoned and taken to the refuge. They are bursting at the seams, and in just the short while I was there, several more dogs arrived. Room was found for them, of course, but it is getting serious.

Apart from feeling heartbroken over all the dogs there, large (and plenty are very large) and small, and especially the puppies, I was hugely impressed with the facilities there, which include an operating theatre which would do credit to a hospital for humans. There also seemed to be a room devoted to the storage of stainless steel food bowls … each dog gets its own, and they and the room (and all the rooms, in fact) were all spotlessly clean.

Apart from donations or rehoming, one thing that any one of us could do if we are travelling to Germany is take a dog or two with us. There are homes for them in Germany (the organization is German in origin) but they cannot be sent alone. If anyone is travelling to any major German airport, please do consider giving a bit of your time either end of your journey to take a dog along. All expenses are covered by the charity, and there will be someone to meet them the other end.

If anyone feels that they’d like to see the refuge, it’s open from 3pm each weekday, and directions are very simple: take the TF1 in the direction of Santa Cruz and you want the second exit after the airport: it’s signposted to Granadilla Port exit A. Head down towards the sea, cross over one roundabout, and as you head straight on you’ll see the yellow bungalows of Accion del Sol on your right. When you get to the second roundabout, turn right, and just before the ITER wind farm, take the rough track on your right which leads right up to the refuge.

The above pictures, for which many thanks to Nikki Attree,  show the facade of the refuge, and Marion herself with her own dog.

Marion from Accion del Sol and the Arona mayor signing the agreement
Marion from Accion del Sol and the Arona mayor signing the agreement

Original post 1 February 2011: Arona Ayuntamiento is implementing fines for existing and now updated legislation of between €1,500 and €15,000 for owners who abandon animals in the municipality’s streets. The Ayuntamiento has signed an agreement with the dog refuge ‘Acción del Sol’ to take in any animals found wandering in public, and another agreement with a specialist animal control business to round them up and take them to the sanctuary.

Mayor José Alberto González Reverón, Public Health councillor Clara María Pérez Pérez, and the director of Acción del Sol Marion Köpke recently agreed this combined action. Sra Pérez said that anyone finding such a loose animal should inform the Policía Local so that they can contact the animal control business. The council will use the website to publicize animals which the refuge will subsequently try to get adoptive homes for.  DA

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