BA launches new direct route to TFS from Heathrow

Tenerife’s tourism authorities have reacted with pleasure to British Airways’ announcement of a new route from Heathrow to TFS. The new service will launch on 21 October and run until 24 March, being perfect, the company says, for British tourists looking for a winter sunshine getaway.

Tenerife president Carlos Alonso said that the new route was excellent news from a quality carrier of the main tourist market, while Cabildo Turismo chief Alberto Bernabé said that British visitors broke the 2m record last year, and this year’s data show even greater growth. As such, all new routes are welcome.

The flight will leave LHR at 6.45am every Saturday morning, landing in Tenerife at 11.15am. BA says that the new route aims to build on the success of the Gatwick flights to TFS.

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