BA to fly Gatwick to TFS from March 2013

Update 14 March 2013: The first Gatwick-TFS British Airways flight has sold out, says vicepresidente económico y consejero de Turismo del Cabildo, Carlos Alonso, who confirmed that this was true for business class as well. Sr Alonso said that the fact the flight had sold out a full fortnight in advance showed clearly how welcome these flights are, and that the route would be a great success, not least among the 4- and 5-star British market with high-spending power.

The first flight will leave Gatwick at 7.10am on 29 March. Among the passengers will be presidente del Cabildo Ricardo Melchior and Cabildo tourism minister Miguel Angel Santos. To promote the flights further, Turismo de Tenerife has reached agreement with BA for a series of promotions in the most popular British media.

Original post 7 November 2012: Excellent news for travellers has come out of the World Travel Market in London, where the Canaries has a stand. British Airways will be flying from Gatwick to TFS as of 31 March next year, offering five flights a week, with some 30 business class seats available on each flight, a move intended to offer an incentive to the upmarket traveller that the Tenerife tourism authorities want so badly.

Carlos Alonso Rodríguez, Tenerife Cabildo Vice President, said that Tenerife had spent years trying to get business class included in the flight offer, rather than the low cost and charter end of the market. The agreement with BA is the result, it seems of negotiations that have been carried on for some time by the island Cabildo and the Canarian Government’s tourism department.


  1. This is fantastic news. We are hooked into Monarch and their freequent flyer programme, which has gone further and further downhill, with fewer and fewer benefits. What they need is some serious competition, and lets hope this is it!!

  2. At last they are back! Now we can fly with a bit of comfort and no hidden charges!

  3. Have BA flown to Tenerife before then? I hadn’t realised.

  4. Author

    Yes, some years ago it was a regular route.

  5. My other half works for another airline and gets updates about routes from rival airlines. He says the news popped up at work but noticed it was actually Iberia with a BA flight code (and an IB code). Which sounds like Iberia will run the route rather than B.A. I know they are now the same company but i’m afraid it would put me off using it. I think IBERIA are appalling, having used them several times in the past to the North Airport. I would only consider it if it were BA planes and BA STAFF. Once it’s up and running maybe someone can let us know!

  6. The former GB scheduled flights were always jointly operated by Iberia even though the coming together of BA and Iberia was still a twinkling! All the previous flights also had joint IB and BA flight codes so this is nothing new.

    Frankly though, whatever service you may have experienced from Iberia in the past, ANYTHING must be a welcome improvement on the current cattle-class flights??.

  7. These are definitely operated by BA … BA planes & crew … and are very welcome indeed – I just hope we can see some of the old GB prices 🙂

  8. We are grateful for ANY plane in Fuerteventura at the moment. Our operators have hacked the schedule to death. If it gets any worse we will be forced to swim across from Lanzarote. Or perhaps few of us could hire one of those big banana things and get dragged over.

  9. Jon, IBERIA wouldnt be an improvement in what we have at the moment. I have flown on 16 flights with them over the last few years and there are no better than Thomson, Thomas Cook, Monarch and Easy Jet. The staff are rude, the food is appalling and they have managed to loose my luggage 3 times now (via Madrid). I think It’s really only when you fly Business Class/First Class with airlines such as BA and Virgin you would notice any real difference in the experience. I have looked at the prices for Easter next year and they are cheaper than most of the other airline (shame I’ve booked already!).

  10. IBERIA are awful. They handle all the incoming Monarch flights at Tenerife South. I don’t rate Monarch either and we are in their Vantage Club as we fly approximately 6 times a year. The only benefits are not having to queue with everyone else and the 30kg baggage allowance. However, there are frequent delays, the check in staff at both Manchester and Tenerife are clueless at times and rude with it and they are hopeless with complaints. I once lost 270 euros on a Monarch flight (fell out of my bag) and I am fully convinced an untrustworthy, lowlife member of the cabin crew found it and pocketed it as it was never handed in. I had to go to the IBERIA desk at Tenerife to report it and they were useless beyond belief! Thankfully my insurance company took pity on me and paid me out but it left a sour taste in my mouth where Monarch are concerned. Competition is good though from other airlines!

  11. And does this vice president of Tenerife think that just because BA are running flights with business class seats available that everyone in these seats is going to be the “upmarket traveller” they desperately want? Have they never heard that some people with money are extremely obnoxious and rude and probably look down on cabin crew and “cattle market” travellers? God if that’s the type he wants to entice to Tenerife then that alone will put us “normal” types off! Stick ’em all in some poncey 5 star place in El Duque and let them have a snobby old time!

  12. Author

    Iberia has anyway announced it’s cutting 4,500 jobs, around 25% of its entire workforce: nearly 1,000 of these jobs are in the Canaries. One can presume that BA merged in order to take advantage of Iberia’s routes, because it certainly seems it didn’t merge to take advantage of its “profits”!

  13. That’ll bump up the unemployment figures then! Hopefully the awful, rude woman on our check in desk at Tenerife last month will be one losing her job! Why some people work in an environment where they are dealing with the public I will never know.

  14. Author

    I have to agree here … the one time I flew Iberia the check in desk person was the rudest I’ve ever come across in years of flying (wasn’t Tenerife, as it happens).

  15. Having said that some of the Monarch staff at Manchester are no better. We were checked in by one of the most surly, miserable and snappy women I’ve ever met last month! Just no need for it. If it wasn’t for customers they wouldn’t be in jobs in the first place!

  16. We flew B.A. a few weeks ago and the experience was blissful, we were made to feel special and nothing was a problem, after so many flights with economy airlines it was lovely to be treated as a client should be by airline staff, if it is at all possible to use B.A. in the future we shall even if it costs a bit more,

  17. For info, BA are also flying from LGW to Lanzarote twice a week from April 2013 and – unbelievably – Norwegian is starting on the LGW-ACE route in September of next year. Norwegian beats BA in at least one regard: free Wifi throughout!

  18. Norwegian flights already for sale from Gatwick to Tenerife starting September 2013 – 4 times a week, daytime flights

  19. I’ve just booked BA flights to come over during half term next October today. Just hoping now its not IBERIA!! Cheaper then Monarch at the moment but sure prices will rise as bookings increase. Haven’t booked return flight yet as these are still unavailable. £179 each including 23 kg luggage. Monarch £218.

  20. Claire, if your flight number is BA2730/2731 – that will be BA 🙂

  21. Looking forward to experiencing the BA service on the 5 April! 2013 We are using it as a connecting flight to Dubai, will post our comments.

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