Mother and partner in custody as both investigated for murder of baby

Updated 2 June: The baby’s mother left hospital yesterday under police guard and was taken into custody without bail as required by the Court order issued while she was still receiving medical care. Although the autopsy did not confirm a specific cause of death, the baby is said to have had several haematomas and a ruptured liver.

Updated 31 May: The Guardia Civil says that the 19-year-old man arrested for the death of his partner’s baby girl has been remanded in custody without bail after being imputed (named as a formal suspect in the investigation) for the intentional murder of the infant as well as domestic violence and attempting to attack a police officer while being detained. The Court has also issued an arrest warrant for the baby’s mother, again an imputation for murder, which will be enforced once she is released from hospital where she is currently being treated.

Updated 29 May: The partner of the mother of the baby has been located and is in custody, the Guardia Civil has said. He will appear in Court to give his side of events surrounding the death of the five month old little girl who died on Sunday in La Matanza. An autopsy carried out on the baby’s body did not give a clear picture of how she died, nor provide police with any reason to rule out any strands of their investigation. The investigation continues.

Original post 27 May: A 5-month-old baby has died in La Matanza in north Tenerife. Emergency services say that they were called out this morning by reports that the baby was having difficulties but ambulance crew found the infant dead when they arrived at the scene. The Guardia Civil is investigating the incident with what they say is an open mind as to whether the baby died of natural causes or through some other incident: police say they are in touch with the family and seeking the mother’s boyfriend for interview.

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