Baby’s body found in freezer in La Camella

Update 16 July: The baby boy was born alive, but died through lack of assisted delivery. His mother had already appeared in Court imputed (formally named as a suspect) for reckless homicide when released on bail. It remains to be seen now whether the Guardia Civil will take her back into custody while the legal process continues.

Update 5.30pm: More details are now available about these circumstances. The baby was a little boy who was born around a month ago. His mother, Mayte G.F., is from La Orotava, but had been in La Camella for a year, and handed the keys back ten days previously. She has two other children, daughters of around two and three years of age, both of whom lived with her, though it seems there might be a further four children, said to be two teenagers who live with her family, and two which had been given up for adoption. Police, however, are treating her, at least at present, as mother of the two little girls and the baby.

Until a few months ago when they separated, her boyfriend had also lived in the apartment. Mayte was unemployed and did occasional cleaning to earn some money, and told police, who say she is profoundly affected by these events, that she found this latest pregnancy to have come at a very difficult time, both economically and emotionally. Neighbours said that they had no idea she was even pregnant. Arona Ayuntamiento say that they had not received any request for assistance from her.

Update 14 July: The woman was released from custody yesterday evening and is now back home in Playa san Juan. Her family, and two daughters, are with her. Police say that they need the autopsy results, expected over the next few days, before they can proceed any further.

Update 13 July:  The Guardia Civil has taken a 33-year-old woman, identified as M.G.F., and informally named as Maite, into custody. She is accused of the killing of her baby whose body was found in a freezer in a rented La Camella apartment last evening. It is early days in this investigation, so this might turn out to be “responsible for the death of”, rather than “murder”, so I would urge against drawing conclusions at this stage. All that can be said for sure at present is that she claims to have given birth alone, at night, and didn’t know whether the child was born alive or dead. Autopsy results are still awaited to confirm more details. Meanwhile the mother is in the Guardia Civil station in Playa de las Américas.

Update 11.30pm: A few more details are available, though this is still a very early stage of the police investigation. It seems that the discovery was made when the apartment was being cleaned ready for new tenants to move in, the previous occupants  having moved out a couple of weeks ago. The Guardia Civil is trying to trace them, and there is some suggestion that it might be a woman from the Los Realejos area. The baby still had the umbilical cord attached, so it appears likely that it was born in the apartment, though an autopsy will be carried out to determine if the baby was stillborn or died shortly after birth. The alternative is almost impossible to imagine.

Original post 12 July: Details are sketchy at the moment, and the police were only called out at 6.30 this evening, but the Guardia Civil is saying that the body of a newborn baby has been found in the freezer of a rented apartment in La Camella. Authorities are at the scene at present.

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