Bag thief nearly lynched in Los Cristianos

A street thief had to be rescued by Arona Policía Local after almost being lynched by angry passers-by in central Los Cristianos around 10am yesterday morning. The 20 year old had just made off with a handbag snatched off a woman’s shoulder when he was set upon by the public, and was in the middle of receiving quite a beating when police turned up. The handbag had been recovered and returned to the woman by that point, and the bruised and battered thief’s day got worse as police carted him off to the cells at the southern Comisaría to await an appearance at the Courts.



  1. Serves him right. If I’d been there I’d have battered him too. Sick to death of these scumbags, and maybe this will make a couple of them think twice before violating people.

  2. Well done to the public, they should hit them more often.

  3. Whilst the above comments are understandable it is really for the police to manage these matters. I am not against reasonable force to detain the suspect until they arrive but mob rule is a dangerous thing and can easily get out of hand. Also, if we were desperate instead of privileged who knows what we would do?

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