Tenerife Cabildo lifts ban on mountain fires including BBQs

photo: Tenerife Cabildo

Update 13 July: The Tenerife Cabildo has today lifted the ban on fires in mountain areas. Despite continuing high temperatures, the authorities have declared the fire risk to be reduced, and meteorological conditions to have improved. The BBQs are open again, and those working in the mountains are allowed to use fire as needed. In all instances, however, the authorities request the public to take the utmost care and maximise precautions.

Update 10 July: It goes without saying, really, but the Cabildo has issued a reminder that its ban on all fires in the mountains remains in place this weekend as the high temperatures remain even though they have fallen slightly since yesterday. As I posted earlier (link), dangerously-high temperatures are forecast to return on Tuesday or Wednesday, and Cabildo environment councillor José Antonio Valbuena said that the ban on work and recreational fires, along with any activity likely to cause sparks, is likely to remain in place for the next few days at least.

The Cabildo repeated its request to the public to avoid forest areas and routes wherever possible due to the greatly elevated risk of forest fires, and to take on board the health recommendations for staying safe in heatwaves issued by the Canarian Government’s Dirección General de Seguridad y Emergencias (link).

Original post 6 July: From 6pm this evening, the Tenerife Cabildo will reinstate the ban on all fires in the mountains as a result of the second heatwave in a matter of weeks. It’s just five days since the authorities lifted the ban put in place for the first hot spell. As before, no agricultural burn-offs will be permitted, nor work with machinery, and of course fireworks and BBQs in recreational areas are ruled out as well. The ban will remain in place while conditions persist: at present temperatures in the mid-to high-30ºs are expected for much of this week. The Cabildo asks the public to avoid forest areas and routes wherever possible due to the greatly elevated risk of forest fires, and to take the utmost care during the coming week until the all-clear is given.

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  1. Which bright individual in theCabildo decided to lift the ban on fires up in the mountains. At the moment on our back terrace inVilaflor it is 100 degrees and windy. Lunatics running the asylum again..

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