Bank holiday this Saturday 12 October for Día de la Hispanidad

Many shops and offices will be closed this Saturday 12 October for the celebration of Día de la Hispanidad, or Spain Day. The national public holiday commemorates the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus on 12 October 1492, something that has particular significance for Spain because it transformed the still developing modern nation into a global empire which lasted until 1898. To celebrate, many provincial capitals, including Santa Cruz in Tenerife, will hold a military parade, the main one being in Madrid’s Plaza de Colón which is attended by the Royal Family and the most important members of state including the Government and the majority of the Presidents of Spain’s autonomous regions. The full list of national, regional and local public holidays in Tenerife for 2019 is HERE.


  1. Janet, do you / others know the details of any celebrations in Tenerife on the 12th?

  2. Author

    It’s not “celebrated” in the usual sense of a fiesta, but is normally a much more formal and official affair, with military parades, flag hoistings, etc. I don’t know of any party- or cultural-type things going on, I’m afraid.

  3. We arrived at the bus stop in Cristianos for an early express bus to Santa Cruz and waited for one hour. The airport bus arrived so we decided that we had better take that. On arrival at Santa Cruz we discovered that it was a holiday there. Surely a notice should have been put up at the bus stops and the ticket kiosk informing the public to this effect.
    Mrs. K. Thompson

  4. Author

    It has been widely reported, on this site no less than many others here. Titsa also has a website informing people. I don’t imagine they have either manpower or budget to signpost every bus stop and ticket kiosk.

  5. Nice one Janet

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