Bares de copas …

I guess from my mailbag that I need to explain what a bar de copa is. This morning I’ve even been told both that “the Spanish” need to vet their own laws before they’re published in the BOC (in which case it’s “the Canarians” not “the Spanish”) to ensure they’re comprehensible by the British, and that terms that aren’t understood by the British are deliberately confusing in order to allow the police to fine British bars. 

So, a bar de copa is a cocktail bar, a late-night bar, a drinks-only bar, with or without live music. It is not a family-bar, or a sports-bar, or an all-day-breakfast bar. A bar de copa is part of “ocio nocturno” – night life – and under Canarian law they are shut until further notice. Other bars are not shut, but must close at 1am latest, last customers in at midnight, regardless of the hours they’re permitted to open according to their licence.

The police have a very clear idea of what a bar de copa is, and so does Google –  have a look HERE at an image search of “bares de copas”. The bottom line, though, is that if you run a bar you will have (presumably) a gestor or asesor acting as a business administrator or adviser, as well as a local Ayuntamiento. If you’re actually uncertain as to the type of establishment you have set yourself up in as a business, and don’t know whether you are running a bar de copa or not, or whether you can open at all or can open but must close at 1am, just check with them … or just look at your opening licence which should tell you explicitly. 


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