Bather dies after drowning at Playa del Camisón

Update 21 October: If anyone was an eyewitness to this tragedy, please will you contact me, either through the Contact Me page or by email to Anyone who has already posted a comment below doesn’t need to because I’ve already sent an email.

Update 24 September: The poor man who died at Playa del Camisón has been identified by family in the comments below as Victor Goodwin, a British holidaymaker. The comments speak for themselves, and clearly there will be some coordinated action following this tragedy to get answers at the very least.

Original post 20 September: A 35-year-old man died shortly after 2pm this afternoon after drowning at Playa del Camisón in Los Cristianos. Emergency services were initially called out with reports from Arona Policía Local that a bather had disappeared at the beach, but after the poor man’s was found by bomberos, paramedics and beach lifeguards could do nothing other than confirm his death at the scene.


  1. Hi everyone, my names Aimee ive spent the last 30mins reading all the comments after been found on Facebook by mary’s eldest daughter today. Victor actually popped into my head 2 days ago i was overcome with emotion and i started talking to him like i knew him saying hope he was ok and i hope his family is getting justice for his unessicary death 🙁 im not suprised to hear that this beach has taken so many lives . . but i am horrified that nothing has been done to prevent anymore !!!! I obviously will talk with the the family privately . . but i do want people to know i firmly believe his life could have been saved. I had to go up the lifeguard because jacky was extremely upset and i didnt think he was taken her seriously. After 10 seconds of talking to jacky i knew victor was no where else bar in the water . . This was jackys 2nd time up at the lifeguard chair and this point i lost my temper and told him get the f in2 d water and do his job why weren’t they in the water, this man is nowhere else but in the water . . . I find this absolutely appauling that it takes this to get a lifeguard n2 the water. IM putting this down to poor training and procedures , the reaction time was disgraceful. U wud never think there was somebody drowning!!! From what ive heard this beach should be just closed 🙁 beach is meant to be a place of fun . . Not a guaranteed death zone!!!!. Thank god for teena and her friends coming along to help i just couldn’t understand how more people didn’t come to help 3 women left helpless on the water front. Mary victors mum is an amazin person im sure victor took after her. One thing i do know is his death will count for something if its that it gets a law changed, better trained lifeguard who speak English wud be a start, more signs . . . .and then they took the lifeguards off the beach after victor was taking away and people swam in the sea again . . . Where is the sense or respect in that i ask ????? I could speak for hours on this tragedy !!! A sign needs to be put up danger so swimming and put a number on the number of the amount of lives lost in that tiny Lil beach which seems harmless !!! I thank the family for your kind words , i am grateful i cud be some comfort on such a dark day as u say and welcome the day ye get justice for victor.

    love and light
    Aimee cork Ireland

  2. what a sad day 4 family.. paramedics did what they do brilliantly however, lifesaving ,first responce ,first aid was denied to this man we arrived probably 10 min in could clearly see lady saying he was right here police man running around trying to get things done “as would be expected” however one relies on in these situations the trained and experienced. my first comment to my wife was why the f.. r they not in the water looking 4 him however it was not exactly clear to us the exact situation in retrospect ..IF the authorities told people every body out water please could we have volenteers to enter water holding hands walk out step left and return and so on //and be prepared to find some body //…. THEY WOULD HAVE FOUND HIM IN MINUTES… there wasnt a f.. SHARK in the water it was a family man in desparate need to be found NOW … as fellow human beings we ALL let him down so sad so unnecessary

  3. Hello Amy Spillane from cork,
    Can u please contact victors mother as she has lost the last digit of your number mt mom would like to ring and thank you for all that you did thank you so musch hope to talk to you soon, shirley Goodwin victor Goodwin younger sister

  4. rip victor, i worked with victor a few years ago and found this guy one of the most pleasent guy you could meet, friendly and with aheart of gold, sad to hear the news, hope his family get to the bottom of this sad tragic loss of life, will be sadley missed, rest in peace matexxxxxx

  5. My thoughts are with the family and friends at this difficult time. I was sat comforting Leanne the afternoon it all happened. I hope you get justice. A life gone too soon. RIP Victor x

  6. To teena for all your continuing support we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the help you gave our mom that day it was an act of kindness that words can’t describe victors four sisters and mom cannot thank you enough we know indepth the support you gave which means so much and always will godbless you teena

  7. To Charlotte we also wish to thAnk you for ur support helping our mom she sends her most sincere thanks to you for help that day she said u were amazing words can’t say what the help meant to mom your support in such a time of desperation was brave and unselfish and will never be forgotten all our love to you from victors mother Mary and sisters you were a star

  8. To Amy from cork victors mother Mary wishes to thank you for your outstanding help on that day you never left her side u held her hand for hours when she needed someone the most she won’t ever forget your kindness victors sisters siobhan,Mary,Sophie and Shirley also wish to thank you for your support we are forever grateful of you!god bless you Amy you were a light in a dark moment

  9. Our mom (Mary) would like to thank all the people who helped an did all they could to bring some small comfort to her that awfull day.It go’s with out say that our mom will never forget that day but she takes great comfort from all the help she did recive .And thank you all for your kind comments you have left they really do mean a lot .And to Amy from cork our mom would like to thank you from the bottom of her heart ,words carnt say how much help you were our mom will not forget you or the great help you have been ,to know there was some one there to help our mom gives us all great comfort thank you so very much from our mom may god bless you an yours .

  10. To teena my mom Mary has asked me to tell you that she will forever in her heart be so thankful of you for the outstanding help you done for herself on that day she will forever be gratefull of you for your outstanding help myself and all of victors sisters,siobhan,Mary,myself Sophie and Shirley Goodwin will forever thank you for helping our mom the way you had.All our love and wishes from victors mom Mary and his sisters

  11. to all the Goodwin family so so sorry about vic ive just heard so sad he was a good man who held his head high . RIP vic you will be sadly missed x
    ive known most off the goodwins for a good few years and I know victor will be missed sleep tight in heaven

  12. This is the address for the mayor of Aroma

    Francisco Jose NINO Rodriguez
    Ayuntamiento de Arona
    Plaza del Cristo s/n
    Santa Cruz de Tenerife

  13. Thank you all for ur wishes and prayers and to those who are telling it how it was victors loved ones are glad he his home and would like to thank the people who were there at the beach who did help and continue to add support.could I please ask of teena or Charlotte to forward on details to me of the arona council so we have somewhere to start thank you again am god less

  14. We was there at the time.I would like to send our deepest condolences to the family off Victor .It was shocking I my self suffer from epeleptic fits and it brings it home to you.I was disgusted the way people gathered round with cameras ect .I myself was in a state off shock seeing this good bless the family .Just another life taken too soon please be aware these waters are extremely dangerous please keep safe and don’t let young children out on there own .Our thoughts are with the family RIP Victor

  15. Hi Charlotte, it may be that the family want to get in touch with you, they want to take action against the authorities for their failures which led to Victor loosing his life. Your witness statement would be very helpful I’m sure.

    Hi Louise.

    Just to put your mind at rest, I was looking after the family on that day along with a friend of mine and another lady. I suggested we move further away but they refused as they did not want to leave Victor. We couldn’t actually see Victor from where we were sitting he was shielded with the sun beds and also my friends were purposely standing between us and victor for this reason. The dr was very heartless when breaking the news and did not even identify who the family members were. I will be supporting the family in their fight for justice. And if you feel able to please write to the Arona authorities (address I can put on here if you want) highlight to them how dangerous their beaches are and the need for higher standards I.e flags, signs and trained lifeguard!

    RIP Victor and god bless your family and friends. X

  16. Firstly I wish to pass on my deepest condolences to victors family. I was sat on the beach directly behind victors family from the moment they tried to raise the alarm but could only watch helplessly and was shocked and appalled at the delays in the first response team. Emergency services were brilliant but initial response was dreadfully slow and as far as I’m concerned (and i deal with emergency protocol and first response in my job daily) should be held accountable. There are no flags or warning signs on the beach and I witnessed first hand the incompetence of initial response. There are no words of comfort I can offer that will in any way ease your loss. I would however hope that the authorities ensure that this young mans needless death will at least ensure that procedures are put in place to reduce the chances of such a terrible tragedy from happening again

  17. Hi

    I would like to pass on our deepest sympathy from my family that was on the beach that day to all of Victor’s family. I have never expierenced such an awful situation. Hundreds of people were there that day, watching and waiting to see if the bather was going to be rescued. We had no idea on the day that it had taken so long for Jackie to be believed and the police, lifeguards etc to spring into action. I felt outraged that when the ambulance crews were trying to revive Victor, his family were only a few metres away in full view of everything that was happening. As were wer, it was distressting enough for us and we are strangers, I have no idea how awful that must have been for his family. I also felt that after Victor had passed away, for the rescue teams to pack up all their stuff before going to speak to his family was so wrong. It should have been their priority to speak to his family. It seemed very short & sweet whatever was said. We left soon after that as I was crying my heart out and my husband felt it best to leave. Again I am so sorry and if there is anything that we can ever do then please let us know.

  18. Just wondered if the people that helped victors family on that tragic day could email me there numbers as Jackie and Leanne and Mary want to take things feather and get justice for victor and the family we have Teena number really be greatful if we could get ur numbers aswell as more people the better will help the case when giving a statment my e mail is

  19. What a very very sad story, yes accidents came happen at any time and anywhere, but this seems like a lack of care or concern for a tourist. What a condemnation of the powers in charge, 5* Island one has to get the basics right first. Rest in peace Victor.

  20. Hi teena am steve victors best friend put a comment on other day thanking you for all You did and the others Jackie Mary and Leanne came back Friday night and victor returned sataday they all round people that care and love them still very hard and upsetting lot to sort out hope this comment puts ur mind a ease a little contact me on my email ur more then welcome

  21. Is there any news on Victor returning to England yet? I hope Mary, jackie and Leanne got/get home ok and find comfort around the people who love them and love Victor too xxx

  22. I would like to start by saying my thoughts and prayers are with all the family at this sad time. R.I.P Victor.
    On that awful day i was there myself with family to witness this awful tragedy. What i seen as left me feeling upset, saddened, confused and shocked.
    We had just stepped out of gate of our hotel that leads onto beach and was directly opposite to were the family were standing at the waters edge and 2 local police had just arrived, I was told that Victor at this time had been missing for at least 1/2 hour and what i witnessed at that time was a distraught family desperately trying to get someone to do something, There was 2 lifeguards in the water to chest height who were moving from side to side, but to me it was as though they were trying to look as though they were doing something without doing much and while the 2 local police ignored the distress of the family and stood unsure what to do only to move a few ft away from family every now and then to consult with each other. I just couldnt understand why more wasnt being done.After about 20 mins i walked away as it was so upsetting to watch. As i left an Ambulance arrived along with more local police. We only went a short distance to a nearby restaurant were about 15 mins later a helicopter came over and then the coast guard and i notice a young spanish girl and lad who were on the beach with the family had came to sit on the wall outside the restaurant infront of me, They were so upset and the boy was trying to calm the girl down. All the time i kept praying that Victor would be found and their was a chance he would be saved due to the helicopter and coast guard now being involved. It must of been over an hour after i witnessed the family on the waters edge that we walked back towards our hotel The Med Palace. On the way a local police officer on motorbike stopped the young spanish girl and lad and was speaking to them. What i witnessed after that as we approached the beach will live with me forever. Victor lay on the sand with sun-loungers on their sides making a square around him. Although alot of sunbathers had moved to one side of beach i was shocked to find the beach had remained open to the public with no effect to move people away. The only people i could see with family were the members of the public who were comforting them when Victor had disappeared. The scenes were very distressing and at a time when that poor family were in turmoil they were treated appalling with no help being given from any of the authorities on the beach, i could not believe what i was seeing, it was as though they were just told to leave.
    This should never of happened, from all the comments i have read, these comment just filled in the little gaps from when i left the beach to when i returned. There is many questions that the family need answering along with all holidaymakers who bring so much wealth to this island. In such tragic circumstances as a family to go through this you hold onto that little bit of hope. A hope i believe was taken away from the family. Why did the lifeguards not act straight away ? As a trained qualified lifeguard you should act on instinct. Why were the police in no rush ? And the biggest question, If every effort had been made to find Victor, why did his body wash up on the shore ? And why was the family subjected to having to go through what they did when Victor was found ? Why werent they taken to a quiet place out of view and given a support officer to help and comfort them in their hour of need. If all efforts had been made at the time without delay then the families hope may not of turned to tragedy. Im so sorry you are all having to go through this. To Jackie, Mary and Leanne, I watched with tears rolling down my face as you all walked towards me when leaving the beach. I prayed so much that day for you all, I dont know you but will never forget you. Im so sorry your having to go through this, God bless you all xxx

  23. To the family of Victor Goodwin, we so wish we could turn back time, we were on the promenade – you are in our thoughts, just want to surround you with a big hug of comfort xxx

  24. Heĺlo all im Ben Mclaren, we are all gutted this has happened, he was always there for me an my family i loved cockney to bits, so many people are hurting back home i can’t imagine what use are going through over there, just want you all to know there is a lot off support back home we will support you as much as we can, i hope he comes back home soon. R.I.P mate gonna miss you x

  25. Culpable y responsable Ayuntamiento de Arona, tiene un contrato de servicios minimo de socorrismo ya caducado, es decir que la mitad de socorristas que antes y encima ilegalmente

  26. Hola mi gran apoyo a la familia,yo tambien fui testigo de la muerte de este bañista.
    Soy usuario frecuente de estas playas de Arona y he de decir que las playas no estan nada seguras,el servicio de socorrismo es penoso, son un total de 5 socorristas por dia para toda la costa de Arona cuando antes eran mas del doble y carecen del material y vehiculos de emergencia.
    Si efectivamente se podia haver evitado perfectamente si hubiera habido un buen servicio de salvamento y socorrismo.
    La verdad ese dia fue muy duro ver como apareció el cuerpo flotando y la familia lo tuvo que ver todo.
    Porfavor hagamos algo entre todos para que las playas vuelvan a ser seguras.
    Políticos de Arona hagan algo ya urgente

    1. Author

      Eloy says: Hello and great support to the family. I too witnessed the death of the swimmer. I am a frequent user of these Arona beaches and I have to say that they are not at all safe, the lifeguard service is awful, there is a total of 5 lifeguards a day for the whole Arona coast, a number which previously was more than double that, and they are without equipment and emergency vehicles.
      This tragedy could definitely have been avoided if there had been a satisfactory lifeguard service.
      The truth is that it was very hard to see a body floating in the water that day, and the family had to see it all. Please let’s do something, all of us, so that the beaches can be safe again.
      Arona politicians, DO SOMETHING NOW!
      Juan says: It’s Arona Ayuntamiento who’s to blame, with a minimum service lifeguard contract which had expired in any case, i.e. half the number of lifeguards and illegal to boot!

  27. You are in my thougths, you have my help if you need it, my best wishes if you decide to arrive to the responsable

    1. Author

      For those who don’t know, Nicolás is a qualified lifeguard, and a victim in his own way of Arona Ayuntamiento!

  28. Rest in peace, this council is responsable, they dont have a good and apropied service since 2012, in my opinion only one lifeguard in that beach is a shame, to the family: make a complaint to justice, is the only Way to solve this with this políticians!!!

  29. thank you to all the kind wishis for every one who was there an tried to help ,thank you for all the kind regards for our mom an jakie .it gos with say how much they are hurting an heart broken victor was her only son an our only hurts beyond words to know that if the beach was properly watched that victor could of been saved .but the treatment that mom an jakie had to go throw was inhumain .victor has a big family an we are all hurting an heart broken .as paul said vic was a strong swimmer ,carnt stress enough how sickend we all are about the beach an how mom an jakie treated .

  30. Hi I’m Sophie Goodwin victors sister my mom has told me there was chance he could of been saved if the life guard acted immediatly her and jacki were left to fend for them selves thanks to teena who spoke to my mom to confirms exactly what happened and to the people at the scene who did help all our love goes out to mom jacki and Leanne who just want victor home

  31. Hi teena,

    That would be great if you spoke to the reporter we just want justice for victor I believe he would still be here now if the life guard s was doing there jobs right or even trained properly Charlotte or anyone on this site so many to thank anything that could help mom get justice email me my email address is
    And to everyone again thank you for your kind words xxx

  32. Hello, I am the niece of victor Goodwin, my uncle. Some of these comments reassured me knowing people was their to help jackie, leanne and my nan over their but as I scrolled down and read more I felt sick to my stocmech & lost my breath.. Jackie should not have been left for 30 minutes while crying for help? Things should have been done imidettly and maybe the outcome with my uncle may have been diffrent or more hopeful, peaceful for jackie, leaanne and my nan. This should have been dealt with differently over their and because of this I have to greave now with anger. I am distraught as it should have been dealt with differently, I’m just glad theor are people over their with kind hearts looking after jackie, leanne and my nan its a big weight of myself and others shoulders thriugh this hard time. Some kind of action needs to be taken with this situation as my innocent uncles life was stolen and I can’t help thinking that the outcome may have been diffrent if the life guards was doing what the get paid to do, properly ….????

  33. I am shirley Goodwin younger sister of victor Goodwin we are heartbroken to no my only brother has been robbed of hes life nowing he could have been saved where the hell are the life guards its a beach,we are in total shock and disgusted to learn that others have been in danger and lost there life on the same beach,where the hell are the life guards,

  34. Hi Paul,

    I’m hoping to speak to a reporter tomorrow, can I get yours and vics families permission, if I am successful at getting a story printed please x


  35. I too came across this horrific scene at the weekend and my first thoughts were the same as Nicki, however reading further comments from people on the scene I am disgusted with the treatment this poor family got from the authorities. My partner got into difficulties in these waters last year but was fortunate that a surfer intervened and brought him to safety. Something needs to be done to highlight the danger of these beaches to stop anymore unnecessary deaths. My thoughts are with Victor’s family and friends… so so sad.

  36. As I said in an earlier comment I was on the beach and witnessed this tragic accident. I would like to send my deepest heartfelt sympathy to the family. I cannot begin to imagine how devastated they must feel. RIP Victor Goodwin. You are all in my thoughts xxx

  37. Thank you all for the comments Iv just spoken to my mom Mary and Leanne they said you were fantastic and to praise you on here xxxxx
    I would like to say thank you to Janet for creating this site and putting these comments on to with out you the world wouldn’t know about these disgraceful situations thank you so much x

    1. Author

      Paul, thank you for the thanks … this is an excellent demonstration of a major reason why I created this website in the first place! If it helps people, and creates pressure for change for the better, it will have done everything I wanted of it! I’m only sad that it is so useful in such horribly tragic circumstances.

  38. I would also like to thank teena and all the other kind people that helped Jackie Mary and Leanne victor goodwin was my best friend we go back to when we was kids also am very good friends with Paul who commented and Jackie Mary and Leanne it makes me feel sick to hear what happened to my friend victor goodwin and then I read all the comments about police lifegards doctor beaches also how my friends family was treated make me very annoyed there needs to be major changes people need to be trained properly how to respond to emergencies faster and better also how to deal with people that’s lose close relatives and friends in tragic events like this

  39. hi Paul , firstly so sorry for the loss of victor ! I am one of the group of nurses who helped your mum, Mary and Leanne . I have contacted the British consulate and have been given the contact details of the mayor of arona to which I will be trying to highlight all that went on !

  40. Hi Paul

    Thoughts with Jackie, Mary and Leanne. Such a lovely family and so brave. I hope you get justice. We are home in England now and as Teena explained Charlotte has spoken to the authorities, they appear to be taking this seriously and have asked for her statement.

    Thinking of you all at this difficult time


  41. Oh Paul, please be assured we are not leaving things our friend Charlotte has been onto the consulate and the mayor is being informed. They have assured us they are looking after Jackie, Mary and Leanne, I hope this is the case? I will be putting an in-depth report on trip advisor. Please find me on Facebook if I can be any further help Teena rice. Tell Jackie Mary and Leanne they are in my thoughts xxx

  42. First things first thank you ever so much teena for your comment after all it sounds completely how my mom has explained to me I am the son of jackie baker the girlfriend of victor goodwin who died in this story my step dad was an excellent swimmer doesn’t add up to me something could of been done I want justice this turns my stomach if only you could here the cries of my mother she is distraught it took a team of nurses to help her as for the authorities they are useless! 3 or 2 people died this weekend in that see wake up and warn people or better still employ people to be able to do there job properly and save life’s in these situations!

  43. I also was there and would like to express my gratitude to the caring ladies that looked after the poor distraught family. My heart broke watching their distress. Please, please can someone arrange signs on this beach to highlight the problems with the under currents before another poor victim is lost.

  44. agree with Teena, we were there to look after the family. Absolutely digusting treatment the family recieved, first not believed by the lifeguards, it took a hour to find him, then it was too late. The family were left on the beach alone with us, I had to chase the doctor who was about to leave to come and review the family for shock to which they just gave us meds for them. The police then left along with the medical staff. As Teena said it was up to us to find holiday rep and support the family for 5 hours before a member of staff took over. Disgraceful support by the authorites and its safe to say the 10 of us who went on holiday will not be returning!!!!

  45. I was at the beach and witnessed this I totally agree with the above comment! The lifeguard situation on this beach is terrible considering the conditions and frequency of events like this! This poor man was in the water for at least 30 mins after his partner raised concern with nothing other than one life
    Guard floating about on a surf board! Although the medics were fantastic once the body was recovered and did all they could it was too late! It was horrific! My thoughts and prayers go out to the partner and family of this young man.

  46. Apologies, I’m still rather emotional and angry about the whole situation. X

  47. Do you not like my comment? Sorry about that, but I saw first hand how things went and had to deal with the aftermath!!!!!

    1. Author

      It was your first post on my website and so needed approval before it appeared. Subsequent ones should appear automatically. I have not been at my computer this afternoon so I have only just seen your post!

  48. What may have appeared to be excellent service from the authorities was actually a disgusting failure!!! The lifeguards wasted valuable time not believing the poor distraught family and failed to raise the alarm! The epileptic fit has yet to be confirmed. By the time the emergency services was raised it was too little too late. Not one member of the authorities looked after the family it was left to me and two other people to care for them and my friends to go and find the holiday rep!!! Or else god know what would have happened to them. Lucky there was a team of nurses on the beach for them. That sea was evil this weekend so rough I saw at least 4 people wiped out and having problems in the sea before this poor man came to his death in it!!!

  49. I was on that beach at 15.00 and saw a male body washed up. Was this the same person? I must say the emergency services were fantastic and did all they could. What a horrific accident.

    1. Author

      Yes, it will have been the same incident.

  50. Hello, what the bather found yesterday in playable Las Americas at 1.30, hundreds of on watchers watched as a body was bought in by the tide…the beach adjacent to the sir Antony hotel?

    1. Author

      Yes, that is the beach.

  51. I was there today, apparently he had an epileptic attack, fell into the water and drowned! Such a dark dark day 🙁

  52. Another one! what on earth is happening out there. This was a young man, Please take care in the water.

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