Be aware of the risks of walking on El Médano’s kite beach

A regular kitesurfer has brought THIS La Opinión article to my attention, about a 62-year-old La Laguna woman who was badly injured recently with serious cuts to her arms, neck and face when she got caught up in a kite surfer’s wires while walking on the kite beach at El Médano. Kite surfers strongly advise people not to walk on that beach: for what might be understandable though deplorable reasons, Granadilla Ayuntamiento has not put up any warning signs, and the kite surfing schools are not drawing attention to the possible risks. Even locals, let alone tourists, might be unaware of the risks of kite surfer boards and strings, and the kitesurfer who drew my attention to the story says that “the water is getting crowded now because surfers are not going to Egypt etc. – next time it could be a child who’s lifted up by a kite”.


  1. Author

    Just to clarify, this was the home of the woman who was badly injured too …

    Also to clarify, it is not I, but a resident kitesurfer who surfs daily come rain or shine, who recommended the public to be careful, and said the reported incident was not an isolated one.

  2. As a responsible paraglider I say the beach is big enough for all,if you don’t want to participate in such sports then stick to the main beaches where we can’t go,there’s plenty of them…….and I didn’t want to bring this up but this is our home.

  3. Not only (kite) surfers take possession of the beaches. For example, on the beach of Diego Hernandez, a new village is born. There is even a little shop, all innocent of course… Camping is nevertheless prohibited.
    Go and have a look at Playa Enramada where “parapenters” skim over the heads of beachgoers.
    More than once, you have to jump out of the way, they fly a long way through, barely one meter above the ground. One day, it will go terrible wrong!

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