Be careful because this is another Easter of traffic accidents

Updated 26 March: Two women and a child were injured around 6pm yesterday evening in a three-car collision on the TF5 in the Barranco de Ruiz area, Los Realejos. The women, of 40 and 55, and the 9-year-old child were taken to Bellevue Hospital, where their condition is said not to be serious. And around 1pm today, six people were injured when two vehicles crashed, again on the TF5, but this time near Icod de los Vinos. None are said to be seriously hurt.

Updated 7-30pm: And in the last couple of hours, a 39-year-old woman has received severe head injuries after coming off her motorbike on the TF-82 Armeñime-Icod road near Santiago del Teide: she was taken to Hospiten Sur where her condition is said to be serious. A woman has also been injured in an accident in the Güímar tunnel heading towards Santa Cruz, but there is no news yet as to her condition.

Original post 25 March: This has been a weekend of accidents. As I posted earlier, a driver died this lunchtime when his car left the TF21 above Vilaflor, and four other accidents have been reported over the last couple of days. The day before yesterday, a 59-year-old man was taken to hospital after colliding with a wall on the TF2 near the snowman monument, and yesterday morning, a 39-year-old man needed hospital treatment after a collision between a car and a motorbike at the Guaza roundabout; thankfully neither suffered serious injuries.

Then around 11pm last night, the occupants of a car travelling from Santiago del Teide to Icod needed hospital treatment after the vehicle left the road apparently after colliding with a rock on the road; again, thankfully, no-one was seriously injured.

And in the last hour or so four people were injured in a head-on collision on the TF65 San Miguel-Los Abrigos road at the roundabout leading to the Golf del Sur. At the moment there is no information on their condition.

Whether it’s because people are “celebrating” Easter, or whether there are more drivers around who are unfamiliar with the roads, please be careful out there because once again, Easter weekend is seeing a significant increase in road traffic accidents.


  1. Hire cars are easily recognized by their loro parque sticker and rental advert sticker in rear window,driver of less than a year have to display a p plate

  2. Every day there are drivers who are unfamiliar with the roads, please read THIS.

  3. Never mind the drivers on the road, when is Adeje council going to ban the two seater motability scooters on the pavements. Are they waiting for an accident to happen!!!

  4. I just wish over here they would put a sign on the cars like H for hire car or V for visitor as I am sure this would help reduce accidents as it would make people aware that these drivers are not used to the roads! We have this in the Channel Islands …H for hire cars (we call them horror cars) but of course we have patience with them as realise they don’t know our roads and which way to go.

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