Be careful of messages from banks saying your NIE is about to expire

Just so everyone is in the loop, the following is based on an exchange in the comments to an unrelated post on In Tenerife’s Facebook media page.

Someone received a text (SMS) from their bank, Sabadell, to say that their NIE was about to expire (it was issued in 2014). On confirming with the enquirer that he actually had a Registro, not just a NIE, I was able to confirm that the Registro never needs renewing because it never expires, and it contains a NIE (the number) which itself never expires. The text message was rubbish and the bank needed to explain.

This has now been clarified and the enquirer says:
“I contacted the bank Sabadell and they confirmed that this is not correct and they also agreed with me that it was “maybe” a ploy to get me into the branch to sell “products & services” and that I can safely ignore the message… you may distribute this information if you think it might help others…”

Sabadell, and probably other banks, are (or perhaps safer to say “could be”) on a scam so best to be aware that this is happening. And to be aware that this is a sheer lie which can be challenged and/or ignored with impunity.


  1. PDEE…. Just block the number on your mobile.It’s not rocket science and attacking on all fronts is surely a bit dramatic !

  2. I was talking more generally about nuisance calls, not just banks. But, ironically, in between posting my first brief and then replying to your one, I had to deal with a Spanish nuisance call. And only yesterday my wife fielded a hard sell pestering call from La Caixa – our bank – in Spanish. Looks like they are attacking on all fronts.

    1. Author

      Obviously I don’t know your surname but I know for a fact that some banks actually employ English nationals specifically to call customers with English surnames … ostensibly these are “foreign customer care services” staff but they are employed explicitly to sell to the people they call under the guise of sorting out a problem or “just checking everything’s OK”.

  3. Simple answer here. All unheralded Spanish phone calls after listening to the first few words to make sure it is not the Health Centre. “SORRY, I DO NOT SPEAK ANY SPANISH.” Texts and emails – the delete button. Virtually all unrequested contact these days is pressure selling or fraudsters.

    1. Author

      They call customers who have English-sounding names in English …

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