Be careful out there as yet another driver is seriously injured after a car overturns on the TF1 in Las Chafiras

There has been such a spate of serious accidents on Tenerife’s motorways lately, especially on the TF1, that the Canarian press is openly calling the north-south link the autopista de la muerte – the motorway of death – saying it is like Russian roulette driving on it. Some accidents, obviously, are so freakish that nothing could have prevented them: I’m thinking of the appalling tragedy of the mother who was killed when a lorry catapulted over the central reservation and landed on her car at Fañabe recently; others, however, are down to a variety of factors, including tailgating, speeding, volume of traffic, distractions like mobile phones … no-one has a clear answer of what the issue is. Perhaps there isn’t a single or clear answer.

And emergency services today are reporting yet another serious accident, again on the TF1, leaving another driver in critical condition. The 46-year-old man was injured just before 5am on the northbound carriageway in Las Chafiras when his car collided with a lorry and overturned. He was trapped in the vehicle and had to be cut out by bomberos: he suffered serious head and chest injuries and was transferred to Candelaria hospital where his condition is said to be critical.

There might be few answers as to why this keeps happening, and I myself remain baffled as to how so many of these vehicles end up on their roof, but if we have to go on the autopista de la muerte – and it’s not just the TF1 that could apply to – as the Hill Street Blues sergeant used to say, and as the Guardia Civil’s Tráfico unit now says, be careful out there!


  1. Echo Simons message 110% – sounds like as i do – drive always defensibly. Have driven on 4 continents since passing test at 17 + 2 days , advanced test , competition licence – real old fogey obviously ! But – of all experiences, ” home” turf as it were is actually scary. Janet can probably dig up the hard facts – injuries, fatalities, prangs , claims evidence per k.m is sometimes available. Reasons are numerous of course, including maybe good instruction/ testing, and adequate policing. Recently a young lady tailgated me at just over the speed limit on the 47 actually using her horn – and suddenly overtook using one of the central left turn areas – very very fortunately i slowed or she would have hit a coach going West. Again on 47 from Acala a Range Rover was 1 ft from rear bumper until Calleo Salvaje – alarmingly, he followed, overtook, blocked road, and proceeded to swear, abuse, and tell me us ” s — te” should go home” – i drive a Tenerife regtered car so he had no idea who we are – clearly drunk ignorant and dangerous. Doubt the police would have responded quickly. – next foray onto Tenerife roads will be equipped with dash and rear view camcorders. !

  2. The traffic police need to be on the TF1 permanently for everyone’s safety.
    Instead of having road blocks under bridges why don’t they patrol the TF1 and pull over these dangerous drivers – they would make so much money!
    So many are driving erratically with no respect for other drivers. A lot of drivers are on their mobile phones even texting!
    If scooters aren’t weaving in and out of lanes they are travelling on the hard shoulder.
    Serious action needs to be taken.

  3. There are many bad drivers and many reckless drivers here in Tenerife. I see many many people crossing the white line while on their mobile phones. A young woman i was behind last week on the TF5 nearly hit two cyclists who were riding along the hard shoulder when she drifted off the road while looking down at her phone. Just last week two youths in hot hatches thought they’d have some fun at my expense on the Tf1 north of Adeje. First they overtook me and then stood on their breaks causing me to swerve into the outside lane. When I tried to overtake, they sped up and swerved out in front of me braking erratically. I had to slow down to 30 and wait for them to get bored. Whenever I drive the stretch from the airport to Adeje I am extra vigilant, the speeds people drive at here are crazy with so many filter lanes causing people to pull out.

  4. They need another running lane especially as the on slip lane are so short .

  5. We were delayed on the TF1 near the Adeje exit heading towards Los Menores a couple of hours ago. The outside lane was closed while they cleared up oil and debris from an accident. We left the TF1 at the next junction to find a damaged taxi sitting on a grúa with the water from its radiator all over the road. I don’t know any more details.

    1. Author

      Another car and lorry collision. As yet I have’t seen any control room info that there were any casualties.

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