Be especially careful with personal possessions at this time of year

Photo: Guardia Civil
Photo: Guardia Civil.

Just a word of caution with Reyes coming up. Petty crimes are plentiful at any time of year given the economic situation for many in these islands, but coming up to Christmas-present time on 6 January, desperation often means an increase. In previous years, there have been a considerable number of reports about grab assaults by youths riding motorcycles, so although it’s important not to provoke fear, care is needed, especially at this time of year when there is always a spike in such crimes. The police themselves offer advice in this respect, and suggest that the public walks on the inside of pavements, and particularly carries any bags on that inner side.




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    A vile experience, Margaret, and at least you were safe. Thank you for sharing that with us all because it will make it more personal and so perhaps more real for people.

  2. Exactly that happened to me this time last year. I was walking along a quiet back street in Toscal with a friend when a youth ran between us and snatched my bag out of my hand and then leapt on the back of a motorbike just passing by. I was almost pulled over, but felt pleased with myself that I had got the registration of the motorbike. However, the police told me that the motorbike had been stolen! It has taken me almost 7 months to replace all my documents and I also had to get a new Kindle and phone. Now I always wear a bag diagonally across.

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