Be on guard for fraudster “gas inspectors”

And they’re back. Certainly they never went away because there are constant reports, but occasionally the drip of complaints becomes a flood, and the Guardia Civil has issued a specific warning. Take extra care, and remember that inspections only ever take place at pre-arranged appointments, that no genuine “gas inspector” ever turns up unannounced, that they have official identification and do not demand cash.

Just to repeat, these so-called “inspectors” are insistent, and are even uniformed to look like household name businesses, like Repsol or Cepsa. They charge for unnecessary inspections and always find “urgent problems or alterations” to create a formal-looking bill of hundreds of Euros, and cannot be accused of fraud because they get householders to sign an order for the work.

Police stress that the person responsible for the gas installation (whether owner or tenant) is responsible for carrying out gas inspections, and is required to do so every five years. In the case of those with piped gas, they will have a distributor who will arrange this, sending an inspector to a pre-arranged appointment. Payment for the inspection is made by the householder in the subsequent gas bill. In the case of bottled gas, users must have an inspection every five years, but in this case, must find a business specifically authorized to carry out inspections – these are never arranged by the businesses themselves, and payment will be by specific invoice.


  1. Our complex had a visit from one last year – he left pretty quickly when he was rumbled as being a fraud – none of the apartments have gas !

  2. Yesterday afternoon (21 April 2014) I answered my garden doorbell to see a man wearing a blue shirt with DISA written in orange on it, and holding a clipboard with a sheaf of papers, saying he was there for the “inspeccion de gas”. As I know about this fraud and have in previous years refused entry to others posing as inspectors I told him I didn’t need it and that I had already had my inspection done by a private company that I had called to do the job.
    He insisted that he was also representing a private company and tried to show me his identity document. I didn’t even glance at it but turned my back and went back in the house. This occurred in the La Paz area of Puerto de la Cruz. So I guess the swindlers are back and people should be warned. If they come again I will take their photos and call the police.

  3. I had a visit from two of these bogus gas officials last year and I let them in because they looked like the real deal with uniforms and company papers. They messed about with my cooker and gas bottle and then said the pipes need to be changed. I asked them how much and they quoted me 50€.
    They kept insisting this was very urgent but I said my landlady would have to pay and that I didn’t have any money, which was true. Eventually they left.

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