Beautiful Tenerife!

Sometimes it’s just important to remember where we are, and how lovely it is. I took this photo in the Llano de Ucanca on Sunday the 10th. Of January! Look at that sky! What an awe-inspiring place this is. There are more photos, my own and other readers’, HERE on the Beautiful Tenerife page.



  1. Just had a couple of days in Vilaflor, doing a little walking and lots of relaxing in the paradise some of us are fortunate enough to call home. Stunning!

  2. It’s funny Janet, I just said the same thing to Ann a few minutes ago. We walked from Charco del Pino for three hours in brilliant sunshine, enjoying stunning views, stopped for tapas in Arona, and on the way back and as we drove downhill to Chayofa had fabulous views of the sun sparkling on the Atlantic. As I said to her, it doesn’t get much better.

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