Beautiful Tenerife

Beautiful Tenerife

Update 8 March: I suspected quite quickly that this post might become unmanageable, and that a whole page was going to be needed! HERE, then, is that page, which lives under the Useful Stuff tab on the header.

The photo the page starts with is the latest one, received this morning, from Zoe Harewood, a fabulous zoomed picture of a snow-capped Teide taken from Costa del Silencio.

Update 7 March: And another lovely photo of the snowy peak, this time taken from the south. With thanks to Nova Howard.

I’ve been talking in the storm post about Teide being snow covered, and how increasingly rare a sight it is, and last evening I saw the above photo which just summed up Tenerife so much for me: palm trees and snow – where else in the world … ?!

I decided to start a new post rather than just add to the storm thread because I can very well imagine other fabulous photos of Tenerife coming my way in due course, so this can be a little visual archive of how wonderful this island is, even in the midst of economic and social woes.

Many thanks to Steve Andrews (whom many will know as the Green Bard, or Bard of Ely) for this simply lovely photo, for me one of the archetypal images of Tenerife. If anyone wants to add a photo of their own please do just email it to me, or give me a link to a Facebook photo (Steve’s is HERE), and I’ll add it. We really are very lucky …


  1. What a fabulous picture Janet. Certainly makes me want to come and visit. Last time I came over I was 16 and it was Playa de Las Americas, so I didn’t really get to see the best of what the island has to offer, as this picture so demonstrates.

  2. As so many other people do, come to Tenerife and stop by the pool all day and not venture out to see the real Tenerife,its not all concrete and bars.

  3. And to be honest, I don’t really like concrete and bars, not even at 16, so I had a pretty miserable holiday! This is really why I ended up buying a place in Fuerteventura, for its scruffy isolation.

  4. More people should get out and about you can still find untouched by tourisime in Tenerife small fishing villages and wonderfull senery but each to there own. David

  5. Great pictures, just what I’m looking forward to seeing when we land tomorrow morning.

    See you soon.

  6. Author

    Looking forward to it, Andy! 🙂

  7. Why don’t people try the north. It certainly isn’t concrete & bars
    , its lush & green and very beautiful! I am very lucky to live here.

  8. Author

    The first photo is taken from Icod de los Vinos! And there’s another one added today from the road to El Tanque.

  9. Beautiful pictures of Teide one of my favourite areas of Tenerife. Had many happy hours during the 1980s with my young son who was always keen to get on cable car and then climb to the top.

  10. I would like to live in Tenerife but find the heat overwhelming at times in England! Alternatively I wouldn’t want to live to far up a hill or mountain in Tenerife in case I was cold in winter. Plus I only have about £70,000 to spend so it all seems a dream.

  11. Author

    Wouldn’t be too sure, Ann, there are some bargains around now, and property hasn’t reached rock bottom yet either!

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