Blevins Franks and Adeje FOCUS group post-Brexit presentation 22 February

Updated 24 February: Adeje ayuntamiento has released this report of the meeting. I was there myself and found it informative and reassuring.

Brexit: “Stick to the facts and you’ll know what’s going on”

Up to 100 Britons attended an information seminar organised by Blevins Franks at the Adeje Cultural Centre this week, invited by the Adeje international residents group Focus, with the support of the council. They heard from the financial advice company that in their professional opinion that it was in the interests of the Spanish government to make sure that British residents in Spain were looked after, and that good working relations with the British government continued to flourish.

Adeje councillor for institutional relations and youth affairs, Zebenzui Chinea Lineras, welcomed the attendees and said that Adeje was very aware of its commitment to all residents of the over 120 countries living in the borough. He said they would be interested in all the suggestions and ideas that came out of the conference and hoped the questions many people had would be addressed.

“Rajoy and Theresa May are thick as thieves”, Wayne Sheridan told the conference, saying that Theresa May was on the plane to Spain to speak to Rajoy within 24 hours of his confirmation as leader of the country following the most recent election here. “Rajoy has too much to lose”, Sheridan said, pointing to the €30 billion that he would forfeit, “if he gets it wrong”. He said that personally he hadn’t been a fan of Brexit but that to date Theresa May hadn’t put a foot wrong in her negotiations with the EU and he firmly believed that both the rights of EU citizens in Britain and those of British residents here in Spain were not under threat.

Paul Montague, the other speaker from Blevins Franks, dealt with the exchange of information between governments regarding taxes, and the need for full declaration of assets in both countries. He also stressed the huge importance of legitimising your situation here, something that echoed the earlier contribution of Clio O’Flynn, who spoke about the importance of registering on the ‘Padrón’, and the multitude of benefits for the resident as well as local government.

Updated 22 February: One final reminder about this afternoon’s meeting in Adeje’s Cultural Centre about possibly the most important issue any of us is ever likely to face in our lives in Tenerife.

Updated 20 February: I just want to remind everyone about this meeting on Wednesday afternoon because I think this is the single most important issue any of us are facing in terms of our life in Tenerife. The meeting is at 4pm in the Cultural Centre, Adeje, and there’s a map below for those who don’t know where it is. As a primer for the issues generally, have a look at THIS post about the situation of British nationals in Tenerife following the Brexit vote in the referendum last June.

Updated 7 February: Clio O’Flynn, who works for Adeje council in building and maintaining links with the foreign resident community, will be giving a short presentation on the Padrón (resident register), what it is, who is is for, and why registering benefits both you and the council.  If you have any specific questions about the Padrón that you would like addressed, please just either post them in the comment box below, or email them to me at, and I’ll pass them onto her in advance so that she can cover them in the meeting.

Original post 22 January: The Adeje FOCUS group which organized last year’s public meeting shortly before the Brexit referendum has now collaborated with Blevins Franks to provide an information meeting for fiscal advice and a discussion in general about how best we British residents in Tenerife can position ourselves during the UK Government’s Brexit negotiations with the EU given the inevitable general lack of clearly defined information available at present. The meeting, which will again be held in the auditorium of the Adeje Cultural Centre, is on Wednesday, 22 February, 4-6pm. For those who don’t know the location, hopefully THIS link will work, and there’s an actual image below.




  1. Thanks for highlighting this meeting, Janet. We attended and learned a couple of important points that we will take action on. One issue that came up was EHIC. We have retired to Tenerife early and pay for private medical insurance each month. I looked at applying for a Spanish EHIC but the online form requires an SS number which we don’t have as we do not work here. Are we not entitled to an EHIC from Spain or the UK please?

    1. Author

      You can only get a social security number if you’re working or self-employed, and so if the Spanish equivalent of the EHIC requires a social security number, the only answer until retirement age is a private medical insurance policy, I’m afraid. And at retirement age you will be entitled to a UK EHIC based on your S1.

  2. The 447 bus goes toEl Cerco and its a 10min walk uphill then turn left at Ayuntamiento – if you stay on bus until Constitution (down from Damary) then it´s a gentler 5 min walk to Cultural Centre


    Titsa route 447

  3. Hi Janet
    We are interested in attending but have not been to the Cultural Centre before. Is it easy to walk to after getting off the bus at the El Cerco bus stop in Adeje, please?

    1. Author

      There’s a description and a map HERE, and I’ll add one to the post above.

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