Blustery weather forecast for next few days

Update 1 April: And now, more blustery weather throughout Tenerife, principally affecting the north and west, with strong winds gusting to 75 km/h, and rain. Aemet has issued a yellow alert for the winds, and for costeros (high waves).

Update 26 March: Well it’s as calm and glorious as could be today, at least at altitude above the west coast, but it seems to be very windy in the north and meteorologists are forecasting some rain for the weekend, and yet another “polar snap”, with a notable drop in temperature and snow above 2,000m.

Original post 24 March: The Tenerife Cabildo and Aemet have issued alerts for high winds and high waves, advising people to take care when near the coast. Winds gusting to 70km/h are expected. Meteorologists have been talking for some days now about an approaching weather system that could have brought torrential rains, but it does seem that we will just be settling for some very blustery weather instead. The alert is active from tomorrow.

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