July deaths of La Orotava family of four involved no toxins of any kind, it is confirmed

Updated 13 September: It has now been confirmed, very sadly, that there were no drugs or poisons of any kind involved in the deaths of a family of four in La Orotava in July. Although it is likely that we will never know the full facts behind what happened inside this dwelling, it is confirmed that whatever the reasons, the man strangled his partner, suffocated the children, and then hanged himself. An utter tragedy.

Updated 18 July: Despite much speculation, including by the Canarian Government, that the tragic circumstances surrounding the death of a family of four in La Orotava were based in domestic violence, police sources say that they believe it could be a suicide pact. The autopsy results show that the two little girls aged just two and five were suffocated, and the woman strangled, all possibly having been drugged beforehand, and with no other signs of violence, and that the man was hanged. The woman and children were found laid out together on a bed with the man elsewhere in the dwelling.

The note found in the property, and which seems to have been written by the man himself, gave detailed instructions on what to do with the family’s bodies and personal effects, and criticised the woman’s relatives for their lack of assistance in what was an economically disastrous situation for the family made worse by ill health. Further tests are being carried out to identify the drugs that might have been used on the woman and children.

Original post 16 July: La Orotava Ayuntamiento’s Área de Seguridad says that four bodies were found this lunchtime in a dwelling in Camino de la Cruz de Los Martillos. Police sources say that the dead are two young children of 5 and 3 and their 40 and 45 year-old parents, with a note said to have been written by the father, apparently a soldier, being found in the property. La Orotava mayor Francisco Linares said that the contents of the note were still unknown and that no-one should speculate at this point while the Guardia Civil investigates the tragedy, and that there are no initial indications, nor any history, of domestic violence with the family. Meanwhile, the bodies of the four have been taken to the Forensic Institute for an autopsy to try to determine how each died.

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  1. I know that this is one possible angle, however some local sources are also saying that they find it extremely hard to believe that the mother would have done anything to harm her children…

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