Autopsy shows gas boiler likely cause of death of couple found in holiday home in Tijoco Alto

Updated 2 September: Police have confirmed that Arona Court 3 has the autopsy results which show that the couple who died in a holiday rental in Tijoco Alto were suffocated. It is thought likely to be the result of a faulty gas boiler leaking in the bathroom where there was inadequate ventilation, and the investigation now turns to a technical examination of that boiler.

Original post 30 August: The bodies of a couple from La Orotava were discovered last night in a rustic house in Tijoco Alto, police say. The couple, who were in their 40s, had just arrived at the property which seems to have been registered as a Vivienda Vacional. The Guardia Civil is investigating the incident and say that initial hypotheses suggest an accident of some sort, perhaps a gas leak from a boiler in the bathroom where their bodies were found. Police confirm that there were no signs of violence, and the bodies have now been removed to the forensic institute for an autopsy to be carried out and, hopefully, confirm the cause of their deaths.


  1. We are 320m above sea level and most winters use gas heating during Dec and Jan. This past year was particularly chilly so we also used heating during Nov and Feb. Have a butane fired log burner.

  2. Nigel. I may be completely wrong here but wasnt it Siam Park that drove the instalation of this gas line? I seem to recall reading, somehere sometime ago, that their water in the theme park was to be heated by gas.

  3. We live only 750 m above sea level and we use heating about the same as you do Janet. Older houses like ours were designed to be cool in summer, consequently can be chilly in winter.

    1. Author

      absolutely! it’s lovely in the heat of the summer walking inside the house, always like walking into a coolroom!

  4. Yes I can see you would need it up high in the mountains. I meant that I am surprised it warrants piped gas to Las Americas.

    We don’t have any form of heating where we live near Los Gigantes in the winter, only a few hundred feet above sea level.

  5. I am surprised it is used at all as you don’t need much heating in those places. Perhaps it used for heating swimming pools which could get expensive with electricity,

    1. Author

      well Chris let me disabuse you of that … I live at 1000m altitude west coast not too far from Tijoco Alto and we have a woodburner that is alight from November to May. You absolutely do need heating. We have been down to 5º before now. Not often but we have had that. Normal winter temp for us is 9-16º.

  6. Not sure where it is fed from Janet but we understand it is well out of the area from a port towards Santa cruise where they unload fuels and other heating oils into storage.Our installation costs were very reasonable and the saving has been well worth it.

  7. It comes from a mains pipe under the main road and is connected to the Borganville playa hotel and our complex and others in the area. We paid for the pipe to be installed to a separate meter box on the complex and the cost saving is huge compared to the lpg tank we used to have but we had to have the large complex boiler burners upgraded to burn the new type gas as it is a different type to the old lpg.

  8. Natural Gas pipes were laid in Las Americas ,San Eugenio all the way to Del Duque several years ago supplying mainly Hotels as the connection to complexes is too expensive .

  9. We have mains piped gas to our residential complex in San Eugenio as do many of the hotels in the area as it is considerable cheaper than tanked gas than we used to have.

    1. Author

      where is it coming from, though, Nigel? You might have piped gas into your complex but it is likely to be coming from a communal tank.

  10. Am I correct in thinking there is no piped gas on Tenerife, so this would be fed from a tank on site?

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