Local businessman identified as the victim found in boot of burnt-out car

Update 18 December: The man whose body was found in the boot of the burnt out car has been identified as Raimundo Toledo, a well-known Santa Cruz businessman originally from Granadilla. Toledo was president of Tenerife de Gasolineras (TGas), and had various business interests including a vineyard in Chasna and petrol stations in Santa Cruz and on the road from the TF1 to El Médano. Police investigations currently suggest that he was kidnapped in Santa Cruz on the morning of his murder, and was held “for economic motives”, perhaps for a ransom, or to force him to reveal money deposits. Autopsy reports are still awaited, and the investigation, being carried out by the National Police and Guardia Civil, continues.

Original post 16 December: Police and bomberos were called out around 10.30 last night to reports of a vehicle which had left the TF28 just outside Valle San Lorenzo, fallen into a barranco and was on fire near the Mirador de La Centinela. Bomberos extinguished the blaze and found a body in the boot. Investigations continue into what seems to be more than just an accident.



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