Brexiteers call their own Brexit a fiasco … did tell you

This won’t be the last post on this blog but there are times when I think a post will be the last one. This is one such. God knows I’ve opposed Brexit. God knows I’ve fought against it, worked to prevent it, engaged in work behind legal actions to ensure it was done legally, if it had to be … but when one of the main architects, authors, bully boys and production managers of Brexit itself calls it a “fiasco” you know it for what it is, a self-enriching corrupt asset-stripping bastardization of the United Kingdom – while it still remains such. I give you Steve Baker, head of the ERG – that’s the European Research Group which took a pile of money for research that I have yet to see any result of in order to persuade the UK that a fiasco was better than free trade, free movement, and peace in our time. You have been had. Big time. Here is Steve himself … laughing at you. I have to say, I am done.