Forest fire near Vilaflor

Update 3pm: The Tenerife Cabildo has confirmed that the fire was brought “under control” at a quarter to three this afternoon.

Update 10.30am: The Cabildo says that the TF21 between Boca Tauce and Vilaflor has been partially opened under controls for traffic, but that the public should take extreme care – clearly only necessary traffic will be welcomed, and the police are calling for tourists or sightseers to stay away because the fire is still not yet even “under control”.

Update 11 June 9am: Although we hoped to wake up to “it’s under control”, the situation worsened considerably during the night thanks to the strong winds at altitude. Three helicopters have added their efforts to ground crews since first light at 7.30am, but the fire has already set 50 acres of Vilaflor forest ablaze. During the night, the fire was been declared a level 3, so above Tenerife (level 1) or the Canarian Government (level 2) jurisdiction, which would make it a national-level fire in terms of fire-fighting coordination and allow for the water plane to be brought into action. It does appear, however, that the current efforts of ground and air crews are having their effect at last with the Cabildo saying that the fire seems to have been perimetered and is therefore “stabilized”. That normally means that they expect to get it “under control” within hours. Meanwhile, the TF21 is closed between Boca Tauce and Vilaflor to facilitate access for emergency traffic.

Original post 10 June: The Tenerife Cabildo has said that brigades are fighting a forest fire outbreak tonight close to the Las Lajas recreation area near Fuente Fria in the hills around Vilaflor. The outbreak began around 7.30pm, and apparently it is considerably windy in the area, which is hampering efforts to get the blaze under control. Since helicopters are unable to operate in hours of darkness, land crews are in the area and are expected to be fire fighting throughout the night.


  1. Author

    Yes, arson is considered the likeliest cause … but that is not confirmed at present. Nothing is confirmed at present (12.30pm) other than the fire is still not yet under control, but is stabilized.

  2. What a blunder we were informed last night early morning that the fire was under control and nearly extinguished. We could not see due to low heavy cloud. Sorry for Passing on duff information early this morning. My husband was told in the supermarket this morning that it was thought that the fire had been started on purpose as it appeared to have been ignited in four different places. ,!!!!

  3. Looks like they have the fire under control and nearly extinguished in Vilaflor. Well done yet again to our fantastic fire men putting themselves at risk. Thank you.

    1. Author

      as of 9am, it is just “stabilized”. Hopefully throughout the morning they will be able to get it under control if weather conditions permit, but it’s still blowing a gale up top.

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