British boxer stabbed on Golf del Sur

Update 6 September: I’ve closed the post to comments and archived (not deleted) those already submitted because there’s quite a bit of speculation involved, and some of it is somewhat potentially libellous. None the less, apart from those sending best wishes and recognizing that this is unusual for Tenerife, let alone the Golf del Sur, witnesses and neighbours are saying that there was clearly a “party” of sorts which degenerated into a brawl around 7am when the Guardia Civil arrived. The street was soon cordoned off and a further 20 police arrived. The actual original aggression is evidently far from clear, and there is at least one suggestion that the stabbing was carried out in self-defence. All of this is based on comments made to this post over the last couple of days, and not officially confirmed one way or another at present.

Original post 4 September: After much speculation on social media this morning about an incident in Las Adelfas/Sunningdale Village on the Golf del Sur, Sky News has confirmed that British world champion boxer Kell Brook has been stabbed while on holiday in Tenerife. Sky says that it comes less than a month after the 28-year-old clinched his IBF welterweight with an unexpected defeat of American fighter Shawn Porter. Mr Brook is said to have been stabbed in the leg and is not in danger.



  1. I’m currently staying on Las Adelfas, last night 5am ish heard someone shouting to get in an apartment. Everything whent quiet until 6am ish when the same man started again. 7 am the Guardia Civil where raiding the house where they (shouts) must have been originating from. Never heard an ambulance come but the street was soon cordoned off and some 20 police present.

    From what the we and the neighborhood has heard there was a party involving drink and as posted above some narcotics. Kell Brook was the drunk shouter in question and supposedly attacked the ‘stabber’. Naturally he didn’t want to fight a champion boxer so he resulted to stabbing him in the leg and arms.

    Regretfully he later evaded police before they arrived (obviously he was under the influence of drink and/or drugs).

    I understand that there is no excuse for stabbing someone but if a champion boxer, drunk and on cocaine was attacking you (whilst his wife and daughter were at home asleep) would you not defend yourself anyway you could?

  2. I would like on behalf of myself & family & all friends. On the golf , to wish him a speedy & healthy recovery,& pray his family are not to traumatised by this intrusion of privacy .

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