British boy bitten by sea lion while swimming with the animals at Jungle Park

Ronnie Green at Jungle Park. Photo: Sunday Mirror
Ronnie Green at Jungle Park. Photo: Sunday Mirror

In what is sure to add to calls to stop at least public interaction with animals in captivity, if not the captivity itself, an unfortunate incident in Jungle Park last month has now been reported by police and press here as well as in the Daily Mirror in the UK. Hertford boy Ronnie Green was celebrating his birthday at the Jungle Park in Chayofa when he was bitten by a sea lion in a tank where he was swimming with the animals. The Mirror article (HERE) has more graphic photos, but above is the “birthday treat” before the child got in the water.

His parents say that the family was sent to hospital immediately where Ronnie received stitches, and thankfully it seems that there will be no lasting damage to his leg. The same can perhaps not be said of the image of sea creatures in parks here. As Ronnie Green’s mother said, “there comes a point when you have to blame the people who have them captive and not the animal”, a view clearly shared by the Mirror’s poll, which shows 84% in favour of banning swimming with captive animals.

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