Official advice for those fearing or at risk from domestic violence as 25N nears – the Día Internacional Contra la Violencia de Género (International anti-Domestic Violence Day)

This Sunday, 25 November, is the Día Internacional Contra la Violencia de Género, and so it seems a good time to repost the British Consulate’s leaflet to inform and advise victims of domestic violence. Consular Officer Mary Suarez says that the leaflet is also with the Head of the Domestic Violence Unit of the Government-Subdelegate Office here in Tenerife, as well as the Policía Nacional and the Guardia Civil, as well as the Domestic Violence Courts in Arona, all of which are thankfully providing it to all victims of domestic abuse.

The two pages of the leaflet are below (click on the images to see full size) and it can be downloaded HERE. Please also see THIS page if you are in any fear or danger – and remember that the law defines domestic violence as any act of physical or psychological violence, including attacks against sexual freedom, threats, humiliation, coercion, sexual abuse, or deprivation of liberty. It doesn’t have to be physical violence. If you feel threatened, let alone being a recipient of any physical action, you are a victim who needs help and support … and it is available for you.

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