British couple arrested for counterfeiting in hotel in Puerto Santiago

The Guardia Civil have arrested a British couple in a hotel in Puerto Santiago on suspicion of producing counterfeit money. The arrests came when hotel staff called the police and medical services for help after they found a client unconscious in a corridor with arm injuries. The 40-year-old man was evidently drunk, and when he came to, reacted in a violent and aggressive manner towards to the medics trying to help him.

While he was being transferred to hospital for the arm injuries which it seems he had inflicted upon himself with a knife, the Guardia Civil found ten apparently fake €50 notes in his room, as well as a half printed one. Police arrested the man’s 41-year-old partner there and then on suspicion of counterfeiting, and when he was released from hospital hours later, he too was arrested on the same charge.  PV

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