British couple found dead in their apartment in Playa de las Américas

Update 22 September: The autopsy carried out on the couple has confirmed that there were no indications that they suffered a violent death. Further information indicates that Mr Mutch suffered severe asthma, being able to walk no more than 15 metres without stopping. The last time the couple was seen alive was before the 8th September, i.e. 12 days before their bodies were found. The investigation continues. El Dia

Update 21 Sept: I understand that the couple has been identified as James Mutch and Beatrice Sallens.

Update midnight: This has now made the BBC news HERE.

Original post 8pm: TV news is reporting that the bodies of a British couple have been found in an apartment in Playa de las Américas. The National Police were notified after neighbours noticed a strong and unpleasant smell coming from the couple’s apartment in the Los Cardones complex. The couple seem to have been aged 57 and 69, and to have been dead for several days.

The bodies did not apparently show any signs of violence, though they were found in a large pool of blood. At present, the cause of death is unknown, and the Policía Judicial is investigating the incident.

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