Autopsy shows British holidaymaker died from pulmonary oedema probably caused by significant quantity of alcohol and drugs

Updated 5 September: The investigation into the death of Kevin Daffurn remains open but the autopsy results show that he died of a pulmonary oedema probably caused by a significant quantity of alcohol and drugs. Daffurn died in Los Cristianos within 24 hours of arriving in Tenerife last Thursday. He had immediately set out on a drunken spree which culminated in vehicle theft and a TF1 crash, followed by two other attempted vehicle thefts. His body was found around 6pm near the roundabout at the entrance to Los Cristianos, opposite the Apolo Centre.

Original post 2 September: The body of a man in his 30s, believed to be British holidaymaker Kevin Daffurn from Harthill in Scotland, has been found on rough ground near the roundabout at the entrance to Los Cristianos. Rumours are currently flying about the case, with some lurid reports that he had only just arrived and become fuelled with drink and possibly drugs, and then carried out two carjackings first in the CC San Eugenio and then on the TF1. What seems clear is that the man, from Scotland, was identified as staying at Laguna Park 1 from the all-inclusive wristband that he was wearing, and that his barefoot body was found clothed in shorts and a T-shirt with no obvious signs of assault. An autopsy is currently being carried out.


  1. Only recently a local Canarian told me the quality of tourist is declining. He didnt specifically mention visitors who come just to drink all day but he was astounded to see a British Couple refuse their child an ice cream because they needed the money for beer.

  2. This is not sad……….this drugged up pi**ed up British idiot could have killed you,me,my wife and child on the TF1.I hope he rots in hell!

  3. Maybe he was murdered ?!

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