British holidaymakers imputed for child abandonment in Golf del Sur

Two British tourists have been formally named as suspects in a case of child abandonment in the Golf del Sur. The incident occurred on Monday, when the couple are said to have been on an outing to Playa de las Américas, leaving their children, a boy of 12 and girl of 10, alone in the holiday apartment. They had told the children they would not be back until around midnight.

The case came to light because the little girl broke her leg at 8pm on Monday evening in the complex’s swimming pool and had to be rescued from the water by others in the pool area. The police were called, and managed to find the parents even while the child was being taken to Hospiten Sur. Astonishingly, the father refused to abandon his day out, and the mother alone returned to the apartment to take care of the little boy and go with him to the hospital.

The police investigation continues, and with some haste since the family was due to leave the island on Tuesday. El Dia

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  1. Beggars belief doesn’t it? The way some people treat their children. I hope the Guardia “throw the book at them!”

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