British & Irish press report death of Irish girl after balcony fall

There have been confused reports in the Irish and British press over the past two days or so about a young Irish woman, named as Ramona Fagan from Cork, who fell to her death from a hotel balcony in Tenerife. Some reports say she was just a couple of days into her holiday, while other reports say that she had moved over earlier this month and was to stay for six weeks or so. None of the reports give any indication as to the resort where the incident happened, and there is nothing from the official sources here (police, emergency services, etc), nor anything in the papers that I can find.

It’s very odd, and I know people say that the tourism authorities bury bad news and they don’t want things like this getting out, but that doesn’t stop the police, bomberos and ambulance services releasing information – as they routinely do – and it’s this that gets into the press, without the tourist sector having any say in the matter. Indeed, exactly a fortnight ago, there was a story about a British woman who died after falling 12 storeys from a Playa Paraiso hotel which was widely reported (link).

Obviously if there’s any more on this incident I’ll update with further information.



  1. I was with a client in Torres de Yomeli, playa de las americas when it happened at 8am on Wednesday Morning. Someone definitely fell from the 8th floor. Police and ambulance arrived when I was there

  2. Author

    yes, exactly … taken almost verbatim from the Irish press with no more detail than in the original. Still no official confirmation of any sort or description.

  3. There is an article in the Daily Mail on line

  4. The report is correct she did die and she was out here to work. I didn’t know the girl personally but she is know within the working community of veronicas. It’s a terrible lost my thoughts are with her family and friends at this terrible time.

  5. One Spanish paper did report that a 19 British girl fell to her death from a hotel in Arona during the week – I was also looking for references to the case and that was the only thing I found that might have been referring to the death, however both the age and nationality of the victim, if it was a reference to the Cork woman, were incorrect? Certainly there were no reports on the 112 site which lists all incidents they are called out to attend to

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