British man arrested after Las Rosas house turned into marijuana factory

A 58-year-old British man has been arrested by Arona Policía Local for cultivating 603 marijuana plants in a house in Las Rosas. They had followed their suspect for several days and expected to find around 100 or so plants, but were astonished to find six times that number when they finally raided his property. Not only were the plants on the roof terrace as expected, but most of the rooms in the house had been turned into nurseries as well, with ventilation, and 600 watt lamps to accelerate growth. The plants were handed over to the police and were found to weigh 55 kilos.


  1. ……just an aside observation….

    I gather there were a few happy police officers returning to the comiseria this morning; apparently, the arresting officers concerned in this raid had to have proven evidence that the marijuana was the genuine article…!!

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