British man arrested in Arona for reckless and drunken driving, and possession of drugs

The Policía Local have arrested a 32-year-old British man after a high speed chase through part of the municipality of Arona. The incident occurred a week ago when police tried to stop his car in Calle Atajo Elvira in Cabo Blanco after seeing the Seat Ibiza speeding towards Valle San Lorenzo. The police themselves had to jump out of the way, one of the two officers involved being slightly injured after being hit by the wing mirror, and a chase ensued. The British driver was eventually being pulled to a halt in Barranco Oscuro, near Buzanada, and after being breath tested, was arrested for reckless  and drunken driving. Drugs were also found in the car, and it also transpires that there is an arrest warrant out for him from a Court in Gran Canaria. He is now being processed by the police.

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  1. Sounds like a typical 32 year old British man in Tenerife to me. And we wonder why the Police here treat all divers like criminals.

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