British man arrested in Los Cristianos for beating up his British girlfriend

Arona Policía Local arrested a 27-year-old British man for domestic violence against his 26-year-old girlfriend, also British, in the centre of Los Cristianos. The attack, and arrest, took place in the early hours of yesterday, when the police were on a call to an apartment block and suddenly became aware of shouting from the complex next door. On investigation, they caught the man red handed in the middle of punching his partner to the floor.

The victim has been living in Tenerife for just a couple of months or so, and was planning to return home this coming weekend. After giving her immediate assistance, the police managed to locate her boyfriend, identified as C.F., who put up an aggressive and fierce struggle to resist arrest. He was eventually reduced, however, and taken to the National Police Comisaría in Playa de las Américas to be processed.  El Dia

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