British man critical after near drowning at El Médano’s La Tejita beach

A 63-year-old British man is seriously ill but alive tonight after being pulled from the sea by lifeguards at La Tejita beach in El Médano just after 6pm this evening. He was found to have suffered serious head injuries and to be in cardiac arrest and after being stabilized at the scene, was transferred by helicopter to Candelaria Hospital where his condition is said to be critical.



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    Thanks Hilary, and yes, you have the point exactly! The official statistics from the Real Federación Española de Salvamento y Socorrismo show that the Canaries registered one drowning at a beach every six days in 2015, the second highest rate in any Spanish area. Moreover, that wasn’t an odd year, but a normal one. This year started especially badly, with five drowned in January alone just in Tenerife. I think that that needs to be shouted about, and the fact that it’s a small percentage of those who enjoy the sea here without incident is irrelevant to me. The figures are too high, and they are too high every year. If my campaign saves even one life, I can tolerate those who miss the point calling it scaremongering!

  2. Janet, well done for all you are doing drawing attention to the dangers of the sea. I’ve read some comments on Facebook to the effect that it is scaremongering, and that only a small percentage of those who use the sea come to harm; that rather misses the point that you are trying to make (I think!) that if you are going to swim in the sea do so safely and be aware of the dangers. People do tend to leave their brains at home when they come on holiday!

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