Another 4-metre fall, this time in Puerto de la Cruz, leaves 10 year old child critically ill

Update 26 July: A little boy of 10 years of age is critically ill in hospital tonight after falling 4-metres to the street from a balcony in Calle San Luis, Puerto de la Cruz. The accident comes within a week of the one I posted immediately below, with a British man still critically ill from his own 4-metre fall from a balcony. The child in this latest incident suffered multiple injuries, and was transferred by ambulance to HUC in Santa Cruz. Cecoes112

Original post 21 July: A 43-year-old British man is critically ill with head injuries after a fall of some four metres from a hotel in Calle Londres, Fañabe around 2.30 last night. Emergency services were called to the scene and stabilized him before transferring him in an advanced vital support ambulance to Hospiten Sur. Calle Londres is the road that runs from the Plaza del Duque commercial centre to Parque del Sol and on past Yucca Park and on to Sunwing. More info as and when I get it.  Cecoes112


  1. The 43 yr.old man is our friend Phil Clay. He and his wife, Val, were with us just before they went off on holiday.We would love to know how he is progressing and if you should make contact with him or Val give them our very best wishes.

  2. Author

    One of their family and friends has been in touch, but other than the fact that he remains in critical care, I haven’t heard anything further. I know they’re looking at the website so they’ll see your message.

  3. My friend and I were near by when Phil Clay fell, is he still in Critical care? Best wishes to the family x

  4. Author

    I’ve not heard an update, Cindy, and I would have hoped for an email if there had been any change, so I’m presuming he is still in the ITU, yes.

  5. hi what a sad story, did he live do you know?

  6. Author

    I’m afraid there’s not been any further information, but in itself, that can often be good news. If there’d been any horrible developments they would have been likely to report it.

  7. my husband and i were the first there when phil fell…hope hes wishes to him and val…x

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