British couple arrested for death of British man in Puerto Santiago street fight

Update 12 February: Police say that they have arrested a British couple on suspicion of the murder of a man named in the British press as Daryl Bhandal, a director of a building company from south London, who was celebrating his birthday on holiday with his wife in the bar of a Puerto Santiago hotel. The pair, named in the British press as John Vout and Michelle Petersen, both 27, was arrested in the early hours of yesterday morning. The Guardia Civil is investigating the incident, and say that the two men had a set-to which started verbally but quickly became physical until in the end even the bar and hotel reception staff were involved in trying to stop it. Despite the attention the man received in the Green Hospital, he died from the head injury he suffered in the brawl.  

Original post 11 February: A 36-year-old British man has died after a brawl in Puerto Santiago. Emergency services say that they were called out around midnight last night about two men fighting in C/. José González González, and paramedics found one had received serious head injuries. He was taken to the Green Hospital where he subsequently died. The other, a 26-year-old man, also British, was treated for minor facial wounds.


  1. Is there any updates on the couple

    1. Author

      I would have posted any that I had, assuming they were legally allowed to be published.

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