British man dies in Torviscas bar fight

Updated 6 May: The pair thought to be the aggressors were arrested yesterday by police and are in court today. No details have been confirmed about them or the victim apart from the fact that they were all British, though the pair are said to be a father and son, and the dead man a tourist, identified by the initials A.D.

Updated 4.30pm: A little bit more information is now available, with the location identified as a bar near the roundabout just down the hill from Playa Olid. The two men who appear to have been the aggressors were also British, and were together, whereas the victim was with two women. It seems that although police found the man in cardiac arrest, his death could have resulted from a blow to the head caused by his collapse. It is not known at present whether any of those involved were residents or holidaymakers, but CCTV footage has been provided to the police who are investigating..

Original post 5 May: A 53-year-old British man was killed last night in a brawl in Avenida Ernesto Sarti, the road that goes between Sunset Bay and Sunset Harbour, up past the old Esmerelda Hotel, and on up to Playa Olid and the motorway. Emergency services say that they were called out with several reports of a fight between three men, two of whom were attacking a third, and paramedics who arrived at the scene found that this third had collapsed with a heart attack. Attempts to resuscitate him were sadly fruitless, and he was declared dead at the scene. The National Police are investigating.


  1. Author

    well, until we know the actual details we can’t assume it was a random attack on a bypasser.

  2. We have stayed in that area for the last 20 years and have never felt unsafe or threatened in any way, this is very sad news, we often walked back to the hotel along that road late at night, might think twice about it now!

  3. Janet , that area is notorious for late night pickpockets and muggings ,especially at that time of morning (01:40) – people coming out of late night bars under Santa Maria/Amandas are frequently targeted ,
    I have friends who were “approached” 2 weeks ago there by pickpockets with the usual leaflet and shaking the trouser scam but caught the guy trying to “dip” him , unfortunately they got away .
    Hopefully they will be caught as I am sure the police will have many on file that have been caught and released before !

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